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BR Mk.2F Coaches

BR Mk.2F


The Mark 2 vehicles were first introduced in 1963 with the prototype, W13252. The construction was semi-integral, the vehicle lacking a separate underframe as the body structure gave the strength and stiffness to the coach that was lacking with the Mark 1 design. The new coaches were pressure ventilated, while the interiors were fitted with wood panelling and lit by tungstenlighting. The new B4 bogie that was fitted was certified for 100mph running and was later uprated to 110mph. 


The vehicles were gradually improved over the next ten years, culminating in the Mark 2F stock that was introduced between 1973 and 1975. Essentially the new design was a stop-gap measure until the introduction of Mark 3 stock on the network, with many features being shared between the types. The Temperature Ltd air-conditioning system was modified from that of the Mark 2E vehicles, being simpler and more reliable, with fewer boxes on the underframe and slightly different roof vents, although seventy of the First Open vehicles retained the Stone Platt systems. The interiors featured new IC70 seating with centre armrests, plastic interior panelling and power operated vestibule doors.


Mark 2F stock is still in use on Abellio Greater Anglia and ScotRail services, as well as the Cumbrian Coast Line service operated by Northern. Both Riviera and West Coast Railways operate Mark 2Fs in charter services and Network Rail have modified versions forming part of Brake Force and Radio Survey Test Trains.



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