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Skaledale Resin Buildings

hornby skaledale model railway buildings


Bringing a layout to life takes many forms, but the Skaledale range of detailed resin buildings is an excellent way to start enhancing your layout


The theme for the Skaledale building range follows that which might be encountered in a typical rural Market town, with a number of building reintroductions, as well as a number of redecorations to existing buildings.

A typical farm is represented by the farmhouse, with its associated outhouses and barns, as well the highly impressive windmill and what rural scene would be complete without the local cricket team's pavilion or local garage? A mixture of terraced housing and cottages take care of the residential buildings, whilst at the heart of the community are the various shops, from the General Store to the Butchers and, most importantly, the local Pub!

The local railway station is represented by a range of buildings, from the main building and waiting room to the Engine and Goods Sheds, providing an authentic depth to your layout and a focal point to your locomotive movements.


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22 Product(s)

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