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OO/HO Extension Packs

The perfect packs to extend your layout

Hornby track extension packs are perfect for building or growing your model railway. Hornby track packs are ideal if you are using the Hornby TrakMat on which to develop your railway or for including additional features such as curves or sidings to a free format layout.

Used with the Hornby TrakMat, they allow controlled extensions a phase at a time with the correct parts inventory, ensuring each new section integrates fully.

Our packs provide clear design information for straightforward construction but for more complex systems, why not explore the Hornby TrackMaster software, our full track layout design system. Not only does this have the TrakMat layout and Hornby extension packs pre-loaded, it is perfect for any free-form design.

6 Product(s)

6 Product(s)

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