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It's a small world plus the latest B12 news!

It's a small world plus the latest B12 news!


Hello and welcome to another edition of The Engine Shed. After last week’s feature on the First Shots of the upcoming Peckett W4, the level of positive feedback for the little shunter has been great to read - we are so pleased to know that you are as excited as we are about the project! This week, we wanted to take a closer look at some exciting new products for 2016 and ones that will be on the shelves at your local model shop as well as available from Hornby.com very soon. Previously untouched by us here in The Engine Shed, this week let’s take a closer look at the miniature world of Skaledale.


It's a small world

Layout 1


As every modeller knows, it is the fine details that catch the eye. Whether it be the fine detailing on a bogie, the lettering on a tender or the couple having a chat outside the local corner shop, when creating a miniature world these details matter. I am sure like us, when you were first introduced to the world of model railways it was the intentional chaos of layouts that first enticed you to take a closer look. The lady sat on a park bench, the bicycle leant up against the station fencing and the men with the newspapers waiting for the express train to the fictional city from whichever fictional suburban village that had been modelled, all little snap shots of reality in 1:76 scale that, although stationary, added a sense of movement and hustle and bustle.




It is not just the miniature people and animals that are an important aspect of layout design, we feel that houses, shops and many other types of buildings are perhaps just as important as the locos themselves, and something that here at Hornby we take very seriously when planning and developing our ranges.


Layout 1


Historically, the Skaledale range would be developed by us quite literally roaming the country photographing station buildings, signal boxes, baker shops, country pubs, bridges and everything else in between - the finished products that ended up on layouts would be interpretations of these photographs. We have always aimed to create buildings that are interesting as well as being generic enough to appeal to modellers of different regions and eras. The beauty of these buildings is that they can be periodically adapted and re-designed, one year the baker’s shop could become the new sweetshop for example.

Recently however, our research team visited High Brooms station in Tunbridge Wells and undertook a research technique never-before used by us at Hornby. Much to the bemusement of the station staff and onlookers, we measured and took photos of the buildings at High Brooms in the same way we would a new locomotive. This enabled us to develop a range of Skaledale buildings that were perhaps more accurate in scale than ever before.


Station building collage-webR9818 Modelled on High Brooms Station


Using the photos and measurements we’d taken, plans were drawn up (in a similar, but much less complicated way to CAD) and from these a resin mould was created - the resulting model was then hand decorated and sent back to us for approval. In the same way as we do with a loco, we compared the sample with the plans and consulted library photos of real buildings of the era to ensure the colours used at the time matched the decoration of the model.

However, even with all of this attention to detail, the important thing to remember with Skaledale is that they are representations of real buildings rather than accurate scale models of the real thing.


Underpass collage-webThe platform subway at High Brooms station served as inspiration for R9823


We recently asked the question on our Facebook page about how important the small details were to you, and we were inundated with photos of some amazing layouts that showed some amazing imagination and artistic talent. It’s clear to see that these details are as important to you as they are to us. Check out the post and feel free to add your own pictures!


Signal Box collage nEW-web

R9776 inspired by signal boxes like the one at Dent Station


Coming soon, we have three brand new Skaledale models that are sure to add life to any layout. Check out the Granite Station Building, Granite Station Engine Shed and Granite Station Waiting Room, they will be hitting the shelves very soon and we can’t wait to see how you will be using them on your layout.

granite building collageArriving very soon at Hornby HQ a selection of Granite Station Buildings, inspired by the 1970s colour schemes of Dent Station



Holden B12 Class - The Decoration Samples

Finally, it wouldn’t be the Engine Shed without at least one exclusive photo of a loco would it!? Well feast your eye on this! This week we were lucky enough to take delivery of the decoration samples of the upcoming Holden B12 class! Our announcement of this model went down a storm at last year’s Warley National Model Railway Exhibition and it’s really exciting to see how quickly and how well the project is progressing. Here we have a first look at R3430 LNER, R3431 Early BR & R3432 Late BR Holden B12 Class and as always, please bear in mind that this is still a pre-production sample so there may be one or two changes still to be made before its release. We do welcome your feedback so be sure to let us know what you think. We will have some more updates on this exciting loco very soon!




LNER collage-webR3430 - LNER 4-6-0 Holden B12 Class Pre-Production Sample



BR collage 1

R3431 - Early BR 4-6-0 Holden B12 Class Pre-Production Sample



Br collage 2

R3432 - BR Late 4-6-0 Holden B12 Class Pre-Production Sample


Well that about does it for this week. Let us know what you think of this week’s edition over at our Forum, on Facebook and Twitter and we’re really looking forward to seeing some more of your layout photos. Who knows, perhaps we will feature some next time?


But until next then…


Happy modelling!


The Engine Shed Team


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