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Scalextric launches QUICKBUILD

Scalextric launch the Demolition Derby QUICKBUILD set

The Scalextric Demolition Derby set features clip-together construction cars which break away on impact. It’s the ultimate young boys’ toy which combines the unique qualities of traditional Scalextric racing, with the addition of construction and destruction!

Each QUICKBUILD Scalextric car can be customised with decal sheets, and the mix and match parts mean you can effectively design your own race car! With over 5m track, including a crossover section and double chicane impact zones, the aim of the game is to obliterate your opposition’s vehicle. The last man standing wins. Then, simply rebuild by re-customising your cool-looking US hotrods and race to destroy again!

C1301 Scalextric Demolition Derby QUICKBUILD is now available, SRP £99.99. Age 4+.

QUICK BUILD Awards 2013

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