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Elite Firmware Update

Hornby Elite Firmware Banner

The latest update for the Hornby Elite is now available to download.  Please begin by downloading the Hornby Elite Firmware Update & Driver instructions.


The Hornby Elite Firmware update files can be seen below. We've also recently upgraded the Elite Updater which allows the Elite to use a wider range of PCs, solving a number of common difficulties and failures. 

PLEASE READ ME FIRST! - PDF document with useful information, please read before installing.

New ELITE Updater - PDF document outlining the changes and benefits of the new updater.

8964-Elite-Manual-pages-WEB.pdf - The Hornby Elite full manual PDF for download.

Device Manager XP and NT - Shortcut to Windows Device Manager, used in the update procedure.

Elite_New_Updater_V1.42.exe - The actual update executable file.

How to update the ELITE-141 - W7.pdf - Full update instructions for Windows 7.

How to update the ELITE-141 - WXP.pdf - Full update instructions for Windows XP.

R8214 Elite 95 NT XP Driver.inf - Drivers for Windows versions 95, 98, NT and XP.

R8214 Elite Vista W7 Driver.inf - Drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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