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Turntable Conversion

How to convert a standard DC Turntable for DCC Operation

There are some Hornby accessories that may function better under the control of a locomotive decoder instead of the accessory decoder. These include the Turntable, the Operating Tipper, and the Operating Conveyor. The use of a Locomotive decoder will allow for fine control of the motor speed in these accessories.

Please note that modifying the below accessory requires use of a soldering iron and should only be carried out by an experienced modeller who is competent with making the required modifications.

Turntable Contact Removal

For operation of the Turntable, the contacts at the end of each rail must be carefully removed. If left in place they will cause a short-circuit.

  1. Locate the brass contacts at the end of each rail on the rotating Turntable section.
  2. Carefully bend the brass lip out of the notch in the rail.
  3. Gently slide the contact out from under the rail.

Repeat this process for the end of each rail.


Wiring the Turntable

  • Cut the plug off of the R8249 Locomotive Decoder and strip the REDBLACKORANGE and GREY wires ready for soldering.
  • Cut the plugs off both the BROWN and BLACK wires that protrude from the base of the Turntable and strip them ready for soldering.
  • Solder the ORANGE wire from the decoder to the BROWN wire from the Turntable and wrap the join with insulating tape. Similarly, solder the GREY wire from the decoder to the BLACK wire from the Turntable and wrap the join with insulating tape.
  • It is necessary for the RED and BLACK wires from the decoder to be connected to the track. For ease of use it is recommended that the RED and BLACK wires from the decoder are connected to RED and BLACK wire from the track are joined together using an electrical terminal block.
  • Ensure that all remaining wires from the decoder are individually wrapped with insulating tape to prevent short circuits.

You must ensure that any turnouts from the modified turntable are live in order for locomotives to operate.

Turntable Wiring Installation

Please note that Hornby cannot accept responsibility for damages caused by the above procedures. The above modifications are carried out at the owners risk.

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