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Hornby DCC

Hornby DCC

Hornby Digital, the real way to run a railway.

The future of Model Railway control is here with arguably the most straight forward and simple to operate digital controllers in the model railway world!

The days of needing a computer degree to operate a digital model railway have gone. The technical jargon, the confusing instructions and the complex operating requirements have also gone. The Hornby DCC system ensures that the Hornby control units that are available are simple to understand and very straightforward to operate. All instructions are ‘stage’ written so that by following the step by step instructions the trains can be running in next to no time. It is as simple as that!

The Hornby system differs from the conventional type of 12V controllers in as much that it is the individual locomotives that are controlled internally rather than the controlling of a locomotive’s speed and direction by varying the current to the track. The Hornby ‘Select’ and Hornby ‘Elite’ digital units when connected to the track pass not only a constant 15V AC voltage along the rails but also information signals to all locomotives and accessories that are on or are connected to the track.

Each locomotive that is DCC controlled must have internally fitted a small micro processor based receiver called a decoder.




In Brief...

Multiple train control on all parts of a model railway layout with minimal wiring.

  • Independent control or double heading control.
  • Coaches with lights stay lit even when the train is stationary.
  • Realistic train movement with each model able to be given levels of acceleration and deceleration settings.
  • LCD display shows at a glance what locomotive is under control and with the Hornby 'Elite' even more information is available.
  • Locomotive decoders are simple to code and programme. The keyboard is straightforward to use making assigning a locomotive simplicity itself.
  • Point operation means fewer wires than with conventional control and no switches!
  • Facility on the 'Select' for a larger 4 amp power pack - more power means more trains running at one time - up to 10 locomotives.
  • Designed to be EMC compliant.
  • NMRA Certificated. (Hornby Elite and R8249 Locomotive Decoder)
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