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SWhat decoders could I use for older Hornby loco's

I have quite a lot of older Hornby which I am wondering can these be converted to DCC I am aware that older motors draw more current they are all open frame motors which have all had the magnets remagnetised and new brushes has anyone done this and what decoders could you suggest Iam in Perth Australia so it needs to be decoders that I can source here any ideas would be great

David E Jackson


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Most of us on here are in the UK, so don't know what decoders you can access.

What you need to do is measure the stall current of your motors - how to do this has been described often enough - then armed with this data, research the decoders you can obtain, and look for one with a HIGHER current capability than the motor with the largest 'draw'.

Anything less, and you'll get the puff of smoke that signifies the decoder has become deceased!

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Stall Current testing procedure.

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From Oz, you can access pretty much access any products you can get in the UK, and often cheaper from the UK source than here.  Can’t remember whether DCC Concepts still have their WA office open but google them.


Certainly do stall test as recommended. However, a number of people report open frame motors in good fettle will require less than 500mA so work with standard Hornby decoders incl TTS.  If not then Hornby Sapphire or local DCC Concepts standard decoders, that are mostly 1 Amp, can be used. 

and thanks for all the fish


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I'd recommend the Lenz Standard+ V2. They're rated to 1A. 8 Pin. Lenz have a distributer in Australia and should be fairly easy to acquire.


I've used Lenz decoders in every loco I've chipped and never had any issues.


Wire in an 8 pin socket first to make it easier to swap in and out any decoder you choose.

Hattons do a very nice cheapie 8 pin decoder for around £15 that will take a 1 Amp stall current.  A lot will depend on the stall current reading you get as to which decoder you buy.

This may also help.




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