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SUsing Cobalt iP Digitals with RM programs


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Somerset M,

Just to be super clear, when you said that your program entry was the same as Ray's example (see image below). Are the colons : highlighted in yellow present. It won't work unless this important bit of command syntax is present and correct.



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Yes Chrissaf that is correct.

Just had another go and it gets stranger

tried again as port B151 and it didn't work.Frown

tried again as port B 60 and it worked. Smile

tried again as port B 151 and it didn't work.Frown

tried again as port B 171 and it worked.Smile

tried again as port B 151 and it didn't work. Frown

looks like i can get around the problem by using a different port number.

The big question is it jut port B151 that doesn't work or are there other ports that don't work?


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It's not the first time that forum reports have been made about Cobalt iP Digitals that have non functional addresses. That is to say, where a particular address won't work but where other addresses do. And those reports were where only Controller A was being used on systems that didn't have a B controller. I can't quite remember, but some of those reports might not have even been using RailMaster as the controller.

Chris........ Making the wood in the trees visible.


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Are we still talking about operation from within a RM program here? When configured as 151 does it work from the green/red buttons on the layout diagram?



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