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Ok, so I've managed to do a bit more. Sheds have a roof now so are a bit more rigid, thankfully. Next stage is working out the shaped roof!



Found one! Thanks everybody. 

You wait ages and two comealong at once!

Very true. But do Lendons have all the same ones as Hornby Guide?

I doubt it has anything to do with Hornby but it has been invaluable. Does anybody know who ran it? Could we set up a Google Site or a Google Drive with the sheets?

Aww that's a shame. do you know anywhere else I could find the service sheets?



I went to go check a service sheet for a mail coach and it looks like hornbyguide.com is down. Is it my connection?

I know but there are plenty of Gordons and Thomas' etc. 



Does anybody know why Henry is so hard to find?!

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