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STri-ang Station and other buildings from the Fifties!

i have got an R66 Porters Office its great it has a built in Newsagent in green it was made by Tri-ang in the Fifties and best of all these csn be added to a Hornby Station. So what Tri-ang buldings from sixty years ago do you have on your layout?Cool

Colin james Flowerday

Rana Temporia

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I used to have the water tower as I had a straight one. I have seen (and had) most of the buildings from series one in various stages of distortion due to the cellulose acetate plastics they were made from, some of the worst have been the platforms which after trying to straighten them with hot water ended up in the bin. These buildings scream model railways to me as I was brought up with them (second hand). I always thought they were superior to the metal yellow Dublo ones. 



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I'm about to use a Hornby Dublo Goods Shed (Moulded Kit 5020) within my goods yard; this being recovered from my previous layout. 



It has been updated, painted and weathered to give it the realistic appearance of a period concrete building (missing its crane this was not a pristeen collectable example to start with) and in this guise many visitors are curious as to its make. Some are quite surprised to learn it is a Hornby-Dublo structure!


Whilst I'm aware the 'harp and slab' dimensions of its platform face aren't technically correct nobody has spotted this and being positioned away from concrete 'harp & slab' station platforms it simply isn't obvious. The Crittle windows are an acceptable representation of something very much in line with the building's period.  Smile

I enjoy life - it gives me something to do! - especially modelling BR's Southern Region 1955-61.


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I still have a water tower (plus a water crane and a pair of signals) that has survived a childhood train set from the late fifties/early sixties.  The tower has had its walls covered with brick paper and other areas have been painted to represent stone or concrete.  I've also added some additional Triang signals bought from eBay to replace the current Hornby examples. 

Sumware Model Railwayhttp://www.youtube.com/user/UkGeoFF09?feature=guide


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The first series buildings were originally made in a red Cellulose Acetate plastic, with blue/grey roofs, and red chimneys.

The CA plastic canoies warped badly, and so these were among the first items to be moulded in the new Polystyrene plastic...


For one year only (1956 I think...) The buildings were made from a red Polystyrene plastic, with grey polystyren roofs and red chimneys.


From 1957, if I am correct, The buildings were made from a brown Polystyrene plastic, with grey polystyren roofs and brown chimneys.

The last ones made, in 1962, had a darker brown plastic.

In al cases, the doors and

windows were painted yellow, to match the canopies...


The bookstall was made in green plastic, CA and Poly versions exist.

Some had the front glued on upside down at the factory....and some made it past quality control!

It was the front of the bookstall that was glued over the "trolley park" of the R.66 Porter's Room to make the R.66K Porter's Room with Kiosk! (I think it was R.66!)

A C1957-1961 R.61 Waiting Room (and Gents Toilet!) on Ffrwd Locks during construction....The main building is a modified Ratio Kit...



The loco shed has pegs that (loosly) allow multiples to be joined together, lengthwise and side by side...as in th ebackgrond here....

Regards Sarah.


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 I still have the booking office, shop, signal box together with the original platforms and platform fencing

I have most of the range tucked away in their boxes. For my own build project I have gone for the later Tri-ang modernist buildings, loco shed and have the earlier water towers for my loco depots. I am collecting Tri-ang water cranes at a rate of knots at present. So far two boxes of them plus 12 unboxed minters. The boxed ones will stay boxed, I have 18 on plan plus six water towers. I am hunting down the last water tower and remaining 6 water cranes.


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Hi SoT...


I presume you also have the later 1st Series R.76 Engine Shed without the gable end pieces, to accomodate the Phase 1 Overhead Catenery/ Wink

Regards Sarah.


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I had 4 Triang water cranes and am very cross that I have lost 2 of the arms. 

Otherwise the only Tr-ang buildings I had were a small station set. Offloaded that and the Tr-ang platforms and canopies years ago in favour of Superquick kits, but did keep the luggage barrows and the trolley sets although the trailers have had flimsy rails broken off.

Also have kept 2 metal single post signals.  I also have bits of 2 plastic jct home signals - they got broken over the years. I use ratio plastic kits now.




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1956 Red Polystyrene Signal Box.

Brown Polystyrene Water Tower (With added posters)



Regards Sarah.

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