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SStay up to date/subscribe pop-up


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Does anyone else find this constantly popping up pop-up annoying?

I don't want to subscribe, but there seems to be no way of turning it off!

if it works first time, you did something wrong!


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Community Moderator

Can't say that I have ever seen it, can you post a screen capture so we can see what it looks like.


Have you deselected all the cookies in the personalisation list. Click the Cookie icon [bottom right on a PC, elsewhere on screen on non PC devices].

Looks like this:

When you click this icon you get a screen popup similar to this:

The above are my 'saved choices' but whether these settings actually affect what you say you observe, I really can't say. This is just a suggestion.


Chris........ Making the wood in the trees visible.


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This would be the small chooser with the three slider buttons at screen bottom left.

If you don’t make a choice it seems to pop up again.Ditto if you have your broswer set to dump cookies, etc when it closes.

I just had to clear my cache and dump cookies and browsing history to clear another forum problem and the pop up appearred as soon as I came back here (iPad and Safari).

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Going Spare

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I reported the problem - for me it was appearing at approximately 1-minute intervals - over a month ago and have been advised they are working with their external partner to fix it.  I suggested there should be a 'decline' option on the pop-up.


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The reason a lot of people don't see it is that once you login you don't get it. So if you don't "login" it sort of randomly appears. I gather what most other websites do is ask the question once then write to a "cookie" on your machine, so that next time you access the site it looks at the cookie and decides not to do the "pop up". Sadly it appears the Hornby Site doesn't do this, like it doesn't check spelling or English in the Forum posts. I could say something cryptic but I know the Hornby lovers will get upset. Another good example of "Outsourcing".

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