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Retirement is the best job I ever had.

I’m always busy.


Halton Brat - Running Win 10, 64-bit - RM (Pro-Pack) with Elite as Controller-A, Select as Walkabout and E-Link as Controller-B - Locos are mostly TTS. http://www.halton96th.org.uk/page21.html


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Light dusting of snow near Exeter Airport this morning but bitterly cold. Sent home from work at lunchtime, proper snow started 2pm and hasn't stopped, now 100mm thick and heavy snow due for next four hours. Red warning in effect. Probably no work tomorrow so maybe I'll get on with some of the outstanding jobs in the train room.

Windows Vista, RM and Elite. Caught between Steam and Diesel, not keen on modern.


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I tried retirement at the end of last century, didn’t work. Just went from full time in the city to 2 part time jobs from home.


As for snow, 29 C here today so none.  Only problem was when I WTDed the dog, the tide was high and all the beach underwater, made him swim for his ball anyway but didn’t get down the sea wall to paddle myself. Not often I don’t come home with sand between my toes.  Retirement is doing jobs you are passionate about and time for sand between your toes most every day.  I do have to leave the bottle of white until later in the day than Rob.


WTD, if the snow is thin, It must be coming via the hole in Spike Milligan’s roof where the rain comes in (the hole is small, that’s why the rain is thin).

and thanks for all the fish


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Exactly that type of snow Fishy. One of the worlds great poets. 

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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 LC&DR's garden layout 1 March 2018 Snow plough required

Green trains are best!


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I'll send it over when it’s finished here LC.


WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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It’s very nice to really enjoy your job. I loved mine and enjoyed every day.

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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Cheltenham has been hit by snow hard today and it was snowing all day and still is. Roads were dreadful all day too.



A Thomas & Friends OO, HO and OO-9 Model Railway Gauge's Collector Since 2005, an Eddie Stobart Spotter and Collector Since 2010 and an Airfix QUICK BUILD Collector Since 2017


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Cheltenham has been hit by snow hard today and it was snowing all day and still is. Roads were dreadful all day too.



has it dented it ?



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No significant snow here- just little flurries plus whatever was left from Tuesday. Windy and very cold, though.

Even more so than usual - because my heating boiler has packed up.

I've been on the land-line since 1530 listening to a lady saying my call is important to them, and they'll answer as soon as they can.

Finally got through at 2000. - - good job its an 0800 number!

No, Sir, sorry, that policy is not valid. It was cancelled in 2014.

So I said who the heck (I changed that word to stop the profanity filter from blocking me!) has been taking the money from my account every month, then? Turns out they SOLD my insurance cover to Corgi. No they don't have the phone number.

Googled it, found the freephone - got press 1 for this 2 for that - pressed 2, - for new breakdowns press 1 - pressed 1, got cut off.

repeat - cut off. repeat - cut off - six or seven times!

Found the admin email.

Waiting for a call back.

Good job I have limited alternative heat!

if it works first time, you did something wrong!

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