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Is it possible to print signal/point configurations. So that loops and conflicts can be checked (or planned) without logging into and out of design?


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Simple answer ..... NO ... not within RailMaster as a 'Print Button'.


Your best bet is to open up each signal / point configuration dialogue box sequentially in turn, then use Windows inbuilt 'screen capture utility' to select and print each dialogue box in turn.


In Windows 10, this is called the 'Snipping Tool'.


Ray (St1ngr4y) on this forum can probably advise if there is a printable file within the RailMaster application file structure that might contain that information in 'raw ASCII text form'.


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Hello Petera,


Welcome to the Forum.


As Chris has said, there are a few files which are created by Railmaster in the RM folder, which are text files but they are encrypted. Among these encrypted files are Layout files (suffix .PLN) and Program files (suffix .PRG). A year or two ago, I created some Excel spreadsheets which were capable of reading such files, and displaying their contents in the form of a worksheet. They are available to download (free) from my OneDrive cloud storage are using this Railmaster Spreadsheets link. One of these spreadsheets allows you to select a layout file and display its contents in a worksheet.


Included is a usage guide in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.


If you don't have access to Microsoft Excel, then let me know what you would like to display/print, and I'll see if I can add it to my Railmaster Utility program, which is also available for free download.





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