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SWhat's your latest acquisition?


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Sorry, got that wrong..... Hornby Elite DCC controller.

Honest shug , I really need this....


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evening all......
ok, could not resist the B17 61662 weathered on offer from the mag.......wanted to be able to compare it to the old model(s) but it aint DCC fitted so have yet to take it out of the box.........................might just have to buy

another one............just in case..........

Broken Pencils are Pointless....


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If its the same one that I got Man U it runs like a dream.

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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Hi guys
BR ex SR push pull coach set and three Grimsby fish LWB steel open wagons
Must get a couple more to re chassis some train set toy wagons that could be made to look better with proper wagon chassis under them.
A US old time 060 tender

loco for a different project.
regards John


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hi WTD...my old B17s run fine, so am expecting great things from the new model.......are u analogue or DCC...if the latter which decoder did u use....? cheers.....

Broken Pencils are Pointless....


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I'm strictly analogue Seagull, sorry.

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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To keep it Hornby I have a sapphire decoder on the way. Never tried it before (have tried many other different types/brands), quite interested in how it will perform. It's to go in its parcel mate, a certain manufacturers new Western class 52 release with

the 21 pin socket.

Yes dear, I'm looking at trains again.


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I got a pro scale princess royal a L &Y 2-4-2t long bunker and a jhonsons 2f tender loco. And 3 DDC chips hornby ones for some of my scots

if it Doesn't come in CRIMSON, it ain't a proper engine

My latest purchase is Sparrow Hawk A4 with DCC sound


Morning all.

My latest purchase is a Class 205 Hampshire unit which has followed my purchase, about a month ago, of the

N.R.M. 2 Bil.

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