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SPlastic Track Template

Hello, does anyone remember that Hornby used to sell a plastic track planner template?

It was similar to the flowchart templates you can get, but for track planning.

I've been trying to find one on the net and you can get one from other providers but I can't find one made by Hornby.

As I plan to mainly (if not just) use Hornby track for my layout, I would prefer to use a Hornby template.

I've printed off their track diagram, but I don't have and don't want to use tracing paper.

Creating a heritage line layout.

I've just remembered that I meant stencil, not template. I found one on ebay. Hornby used to sell one years ago.

Creating a heritage line layout.

Garston Docks

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Lucky you, I have never seen one on ebay, (or anywhere else), and was beginning to think I imagined it.


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These days, the track planning stencils have been replaced by software track planning. Which is much more efficient than drawing a layout with stencils.





are two examples used by many on here:

Chris........ Making the wood in the trees visible.


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I wouldn’t say replaced but can be used instead. Wink

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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I seem to remember - but never having - a set of plastic track parts, probably Hornby, in red and - I'm guessing - scaled at about 1/600. These would be clipped together to to allow layout planning.


Does anyone else remember these? Or am I imagining it........... 


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No your memory is fully functioning.Laughing

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


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Thanks for the reassurance.............


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Perhaps they now call it a Trakmat?  Tongue Out

if it works first time, you did something wrong!


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 I had both, the stencil and the miniature track pieces, probably still do if I could only find them in my boxes of miscellaneous model railway stuff ! (junk?)

Green trains are best!

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