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404 Page Not Found

Found on several pages this morning


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There seems to be a number issues with the loading of the Hornby website. I haven't seen the '404 Page Not Found' message for a number of hours, which suggests the errors have been sorted?


Perhaps the cause could have been the large amount of traffic wanting to view today's Hornby Advent Calendar and then coming over to the Hornby Forum, to post in the 'Hornby Forum Christmas Competition 2018' topic. I must say that it's got up to 15 full pages very quickly! Laughing



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Strange things happens in threes's perhaps??? b/c what some time happen I have notice on the Hornby Web site is that you click on a link - then it says that the page is not found when you know that the link DOES work ((b/c you used the link b4!!!) & you have to click back & forfard & back a few time & on the 3rd attemp - HEY PRESTO as if by MAGIC all of a SUDDEN the LINK WORKS!!! Wink

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I tried to access information on R3627 'Flying Scotsman' in the "Coming Soon" section of the website and "Page 404 not found" kept coming up and when I clicked on "Pre-order" a window appeared advising that the product was restricted to specific customers. I was logged in as a Club member so the item isn't just for club members. Maybe it will sort itself out later. I think I'll email Hornby for advice.


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I reckon it is on there due to an error. The R number doesn't appear on any of the retailers or Google. These things happen. Smile

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Hmmm..... and if you click on the description you get the 404 Page Not Found error. I'll drop Admin. a line. I don't expect anything to happen until Monday though. R-

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Could it be that it will not be sold on the Hornby site but only by selected retailers who have access to the page.

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You'd think that Hornby would have a different method of contacting their retailers. They should have realised that website users would be frustrated over this and flood them with emails.


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I didn’t even know there was a 'coming soon' section until today. Maybe the item was added by mistake hence no picture, and they do have another method of contacting their retailer. In fact they must have another method otherwise this would have come up a hundred times before. 

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.


The items I mentioned in my post under "Coming Soon" have been removed so maybe they are for specific customers namely retailers. I'll have to watch out for this new Flying Scotsman -R3627.


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