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Ard Lochan

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I have the follwing A4 locos that need attention, I can`t do them myself due to the fact that I suffer from unsteady hands and not the best eyesight due to my age. They are the following: A set of Sir Ralf Wedgwood that all stall intermittently on points and sometimes need a little push to get them rolling, A Bittern Twin Tender that is very slow forwards but like a greyhound in reverse, A Gadwall that will not stay on the track for a full circuit and a Sir Nigel Greasley that will not run.

All of these have been e-bay purchases, [I should have learned a lesson by now], Is it best to send them to Hornby or is there a good Independent?

I have Eighty other locos that run on my track without a problem.

All locos are DCC fitted, Regards, Ard.



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If there is a model club local to you, that may be a good place to start by asking there if anyone has any recomendations.  Other than that a local model shop if you have one.

If you would like to say what county you are in (assuming the UK), then another member from that area may be able to offer advice.  If you are not in the UK, that does not mean that you will not get any help but quite a number of the Forum members are in the UK.


If you would like to state your area, I could amend the title of this thread to include it, which may help but only if that is what you want.  It will not be changed unless requested by you.

00 Gauge. DCC. Elite (v1.43) with Select (v1.0) as Walkabout. RailMaster Pro running on a Windows 10 Laptop. 19 Loco's. 2nd copy of RailMaster (Not Pro) running on Windows 10 Desktop and Networked to the Laptop. Handheld RM running on Android Phone. 3rd copy of RailMaster, still unopened!


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Sam's Trains, on Youtube, is offering a service to sort out his sort of thing..


Good channel too.


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