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SLack of Tube Train models.

A few days ago, a "London Underground S Stock 4 car train pack" sold on ebay for a pricely 760 quid.


There is definitely people who will buy Tube Trains.

Heck I thought it looked good when I first saw it but I wasn't going to drop the £400 it was going for at that time. I did think how nice it would look running around a half-pipe style set of tunneling and eyed up that gorgeous cardboard model of Rayner's Lane you can get...

There's a market for Tube Trains.

But, no: I'm not going to buy Underground Ernie no matter what you pay me.


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London Underground gets an airing on this forum from time to time but Hornby still don;t seem keen on making one.


A local cheap shop (you know the sort, narrow aisles piled high with discounted and bankrupt stock)  was selling Underground Ernie rolling stock a few years ago, so I succumbed and bought one of each, more out of curiosity than anything else, all at a fraction of original prices.


I tend to buy up Underground stuff whenever I see it, I already have a 7 car ERTL 1938 tube train, unmotorised, three Heljan Metropolitan Bo-Bos, two Bachmann 57xx in LT Maroon, a handful of wagons in LT livery and one of those Ever-Ready three rail tube trainsets, sadly with a seized motor. I also have a single coach of a diecast tube train painted in red. white and blue livery which was sold as a souvenir in London.


I certainly would buy and run London Underground stuff if it was available although my preference is for the stuff before 1968, but I fear there is little enthusiasm for it.

Green trains are best!

Well, we have a tube train incoming but not from Hornby..m

Going Spare

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Check out www.metromodels.net.


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I have pre-ordered the EFE train from my local model shop. I already have a seven car, unmotorised one, but I really want one that runs.


The S stock is too late for my period of interest, but what I would really love is a O / P / Q / R stock train, the flared side Art Deco design I find most interesting. These were the trains that took me around London on my train spotting trips in the 1960s. 


Green trains are best!


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I don't care if it sounds silly I want the red one Laughing

Those are the ones I remember from my child hood.

regards John


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Red for me too!

Green trains are best!


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The O / P / Q / R coach design lends itself quite nicely to a model, because yoiu only realy need one bodyshell. The driving cars need drivers windows and headlight panel  at one end  and a different drivers door but otherwise they are identical. The undeframes and interiors will be different though. A good project for "Design Clever" methinks. 


Liverywise there was the pre-war red with cream window surrounds, wartime red, post-war red with gold ownership markings, and the final red with white markings.Then there were the silver finishes applied to the R stock, with and without a red waist line and nose end 'go-faster' Vee.


Classic design in my opinion instantly recognisable to all Londoners..

Green trains are best!

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