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SJouef – HO French Locomotives

Thank you Ellocoloco for your prompt reply.


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@ oldpottsline


I have recently read on one of the Spanish forums that Hornby have stopped offering Electrotren locomotives with an AC option. 


I guess this will be same with Jouef, Rivarossi and Lima. I can't see any Electrotren or Jouef AC models in the current 2017/18 catalogues, but there are some listed still in the Rivarossi catalogue. I guess if you are wanting AC Jouef locos, you'd better get them when you see them.........


Happy modelling........


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Hardly surprising - although AC has a following amongst dedicated Marklin fans, in the greater scheme of things it is all but dead Makers are concentrating on where they can get sales, difficult enough these days as interest in the model rail hobby seems now confined to those of a certain age !!!!





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I have several locomotives, that last one was a Sybic.

But I can't find the NEM decoder plug-in. Does anyone have a suggestion?


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Are you sure that is the correct service sheet. It shows a DCC blanking  plug but the loco doesn’t appear to have one. Is it DCC ready?

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Interesting manual switch in there with common and TR and presumably TL selections. Whats that all about.


Halton Brat - Running Win 10, 64-bit - RM (Pro-Pack) with Elite as Controller-A, Select as Walkabout and E-Link as Controller-B - Locos are mostly TTS. http://www.halton96th.org.uk/page21.html


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It has Track-L and Track-R each side of the bogie, could it be away to change which direction is forward and which is reverse. 

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Rog (RJ)

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I think the switch is to determine whether the right or left track is used as the return for the pantograph pickup.  This allows 2 locos to run on the same track independently.

Rog :-) I don't model anything in particular, I just play trains. Living on the South side of Nottingham. Keep taking the tablets. https://www.modelrailwayforum.co.uk/


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Yes that makes sense. The picture in the service sheet definitely shows a blanking plate but there is no socket in the model. 

WTD ........... Nurse, the screens.

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