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SHow to tell year?


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Hi folks, 

Yup, another question.. :)

Is there a way to tell what year my locos were made? I have the R numbers, but that just seems to give me that model and it's generally giving me a list of years it was made,  which can be a quite a broad range on some..

Thanks in advance



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This site may help you - http://www.hornbyguide.com/

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That is the site I have been using.. but take my scottie for example, r850/5  doesnt come up but r850 does, but is listed from 68-71,  any way of narrowing it down more?


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 Probably not because models were produced over a number of consecutive years with no change of catalogue number and unlike today the catalogue number will apply to variations as well. The ubiquitous 'Jinty' R52 was in production for over 10 years and in that time despite carrying the same running number (47606) it received at least 4 different liveries (plain black with BRITISH RAILWAYS in tank sides, plain black with first BR emblem , lined black with first BR emblem, lined black with second BR crest) the only major change to the catalogue number was the addition of a suffix 'S' if the loco was fitted with smoke. Other changes included the move of the securing screw from the chimney to the side, the fitting of turned brass safety valves instead of plastic mouldings, and  inevitable change of couplings.


You may find a year printed on the instruction leaflet, if you still have that.

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Just curious - why do you want to know?

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To see if it still needs road tax Eric. Wink

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Ah - didn't think of that!  Cool

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Try this one as well...



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If you still have the instruction sheet which would have been with the locomotive when first sold, this will give you an accurate date of manufacture, stamped in the top right hand corner of the front page.



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Only two of my locos have any paperwork, this was all my grandads stuff, and it seems the only thing he prized were his two wrenns, both still in boxes with all  papers.. everything else was wrapped up in old tea towels and in Peter Jones bags..

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