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SHornby Forum Christmas Competition 2018


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Welcome to the annual Hornby Forum Christmas Competition! Each year we offer you the chance to win a fantastic prize by telling us something about your Christmas here on the Forum.


For this year’s competition, we’d like you to tell us, in 75 words or less, how Hornby and model railways help you and your family enjoy this festive time of year. If you all come together to create a layout or enjoy setting up the train around the Christmas tree, we’d like to hear about it!


Do make sure your entry is 75 words or under as we can’t consider any post which goes over the word limit. Please submit your entry to this thread before the end of Sunday 9th December. The winner will be selected and announced on the Forum the following week.


Full Terms & Conditions can be found here. Only one entry can be considered per Forum user.


979 posts

The prize this year is a R1214 East Coast Express Train Set.



The prize will be dispatched as soon as possible, and while we will make every effort, we can’t make any guarantees that delivery will be in time for Christmas Day.


*Competition ends Sunday 9th December 2018.


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Christmas time and hornby go hand in hand in my house. My first train set was the flying Scotsman (which I received one Christmas) and since then I’ve been hooked. I’m now making my first ever layout in my shed and am more involved in the hobby than ever before! I spend so many hours fiddling with trains and it’s all thanks to one Christmas present.

During the Holidays, Hornby has been a vital component. There are photos of me at 18 months old, family around, enthralled by a Hornby trainset. And, as years pass, the tradition has continued, with new trains coming in every year, the layout being covered in Christmas trees, and the family still all sitting in the living room, enjoying a timeless classic that will continue to live on here.


In my house Hornby and Christmas are synonymous as I got my first train set (the west coast highlander) on Christmas day 2017  and my second train set (Santa's express) a couple of weeks after and have looked forward to setting them up this Christmas and hoping to get materials and trains to make a layout with my family this Christmas. 


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Planning for hornby to be the present for grandson aged 6.  Memories from my childhood when I was allowed to re-rail the trains when they came off of my brothers hornby train track. Of course this was always done under instruction!  Now we are planning a board from the beginning and have bought the Santa special and are slowly building up the track layout.  Very glad we have an estate car as things seem to have dramatically increased in size with both the board and track layout.  Luckily we have a small shop in the neighbouring village where you can purchase board tacks, second hand trains and yes more track.  So, tomorrow begins the track laying.  

I know one 6 year old boy who is going to be so happy. Secretly,  I hope he lets nanny take the controls at some stage.  


Every year I get some sort of Hornby product and I'm always really excited to see what it is. For me the best bit about Christmas is model railways and Hornby.

I always associate Christmas with Hornby, my dad has a set which he was given as a child and every year it comes out of its box. We all love setting up the different tracks around the house and I think santa will be bringing my son his very first set this year! 


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Ever since I was a child I was always looking foward to getting train sets as Christmas present and watching them chugg along the tracks were one of my favourite passtimes. Since then I would always take them around for a spin for Christmas and my whole family joins me to watch it go for those occasions and having an A4 Mallard for Hornby brings even more attention.


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Well Christmas isn't Chrismas with out having your good old Hornby Loco's running around - delivering those Lovely treats in the open wagons - oh what fun!!!

Jimyjames - You can only please some of the people some of the time, But not all of the people all of the time, & that is why I have a mixture of vids on my YouTube Channel.

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