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SThe Hornby Forum Christmas Competition 2017


981 posts

For the last few years, we’ve offered you the chance to win a fantastic prize by posting on the Forum, telling us something about your Christmas – and this year is no exception!


In 75 words or less, tell us how Hornby, and model railways, gets you and your family into the Christmas spirit.


Please remember that all entries must be 75 words or less, and submitted to this thread before the end of Christmas Eve (Sunday 24th December). The winner will be selected and announced on the Forum on Friday 29th December.


Full Terms & Conditions can be found here. Only one entry can be considered per user.


981 posts

The prize this year is a fantastic R1155 Virgin Trains Pendolino Train Set.


The prize will be dispatched in the new year, to arrive as soon as possible in January.


*Competition ends 11:59pm Sunday 24th December.


5886 posts

My family is too widely dispersed to have a 'get-together' - especially at this time of year and weather.

AND a Pendo set would not be appropriate on my layout.

So - I won't be entering!

Good luck to everyone!

if it works first time, you did something wrong!

Hornby and model trains get me into the Christmas spirit becasue I always lay down a track around the Christmas tree and run my Flying Scotsman around it and it remind me of the Polar Express movie. And I also get my son a new Hornby set and some rolling stock every year including this year cause he has taken a deep interest to the hobby like I did when I was his age.

~ TrainFan09180

Imagine a blanket of fresh fallen snow illuminated by the soft warm lights of passing trains delivering gifts nationwide. For my family, Christmas was marked by such imagery.

Nowadays, it has become unusual to see much snow during the Christmas period. However, this year we have been fortunate to see an unexpected snowfall. What else could complete this rare image but a scale locomotive ploughing through the snowdrifts to deliver a Christmas miracle?  

, said the forum user.


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Model Railways, in particular Hornby, have been a part of my family's Christmas tradition since my Grandfather brought some home from serving in World War II.  My Father and Uncles helping to set it up under the tree, passing that down to me, my brothers and cousins.  It became as much a part of Christmas as exchanging presents and being together as a family.  Some family have passed on, but the tradition remains.

"I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes..."

hornby and model railways gets me in the christmas mood because my grandfather bought my first trainset for christmas and i fell in love with it i then found out my great grandfather coaled the flying scottsman.

the following year i got the flying scottsman set for christmas and i have run my model railway evey year with my gradfather by my side and this will be the first year that he wont be here as he is terminally ill but i will take it to him in the nursing home he is in 

My late father and I spent many an hour on his layout. Christmas was his big thing he loved. Hornby trains make me feel he is still apart of my Christmas. Every passing train delivering a memory of the past and a hope for the future. Merry Christmas Hornby from my Father and I.

Christmas is all about bring families together and what a perfect way of doing this is unwrapping of a new hornby train set and getting all the family involved in setting it up and having a go at Christmas time.

I once owned a pendolino and every Christmas I used to run it around the Christmas tree...ever since I have been sad as I sold it, my favourite train and to have one again would be truly magical!

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