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SEven More Trouble With James

I've posted here a few times about my attempts to get my r852 James operational. I had it in for repairs for the wheel issues on the main train I've previously mentioned before. Now it seems to short-circuit my track every time I put it down. Even when I put it on a basic 2nd radius track with nothing else it short-circuits. There isn't anything wrong with my track or power situation because I'm able to run my larger A4s on it just fine. Even when the wheels were jammed up before it never short-circuited, does anyone have any advice?  


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The only thing you can do is ring it out methodically with a multi-meter.


Checking continuity (or not) from each wheel on each side in turn to key points on the chassis and pickups towards the motor.


Then check for any cross continuity side to side noting that if you jiggle the valve gear or motion rods these can touch against a wheel rim and possibly produce a short. Mount the loco upside down in a cradle - I made a simple U-shaped one out of polystyrene foam offcuts.


It just a case of going through the loco power path end to end looking for the short, which could be as simple as a frayed wire rubbing on metal somewhere. It may be that you have to disconnect the motor wires one brush at a time to eliminate that from the problem as the motor could be shorting internally.

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