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SThe Engine Shed - Bringing you up-to-date with the Lord Nelson!

@Sailed The Seven Seas

I have a couple of questions. You've said that Lords Hood and Hawke can't be produced, but you haven't said why. Can you clarify that for us all?

I'd like to rename Sir Francis Drake, but am wondering if every loco of this class was unique in some way, be it design, tender, blastpipes, etc. Are any of the locos exact sisters?

Hello STSS,


Hornby have already stated why they cannot cater for the 2 above mentioned locos. Hornby gave a detailed reason as to why in their "The Engine Shed" blog. See below.


You’ll be pleased to hear that we have tooled the class to offer as many examples as possible, through the Maunsell, Bulleid and BR modifications. This means that almost everything can be covered from 1926 to 1962. However, there are some notable exceptions, ‘Lord Hood’, with its smaller driving wheels, can’t be modelled and ‘Lord Hawke’ cannot be produced before 1955 due to its longer boiler.

Have a look at my latest "detailing projects" and "CAD" work here... https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/forum/post/view/topic_id/17645/?p=1



Looking forward to the release of Lord Nelson Class for my collection, my only moan is that Lord Nelson it self is not being released in Southern Green  As one of the national collection loco that is her true colours. May be next year?  

It has probably been kept back for Locomotion Models to do it as a limited edition as part of its National Collection In Miniature range.


Meanwhile, I've always been a little diappointed that Hornby hasn't done this King Arthur... 




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Looks great and fine detail good pity no pictures of the cab



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So is that one called "Sir Triceratops'?

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All I want in a Lord Nelson is to recreate the front of the 2018 Hornby catalog. A lord Nelson avec smoke deflectors and some nice blue coaches off a boat train

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