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SDistance between the two lines

Having sorted my loco,s out with the help with the forum  and now turned to the track having laid some ,all looking good and feeling well pleased then a  thought came to me what is the distance between the two lines sleeper edge to sleeper edge I've got it at 1 3/4"


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The track distance for Hornby track is measured 'track centre to track centre' and is 67mm.


It has to be this far apart because Hornby have tighter radius curves than some other track brands. Tight curves means that long wheelbase rolling stock will overhang the track on curves and if the track centres are too close together then rolling stock can collide.


If you feel you cannot accurately measure to the track centres, then basic schoolboy geometry shows that the same 67mm distance can be measured across other parts of the two parallel tracks ... see image below:




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...or simply put - enough space / room that when 2 Locos / wagons / Carriages pass each other - that they don't hit / touch each other!!! You don't want them crashing each time when they pass each other!!!

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Around 3/8" too wide .could cause problems when crossing from one to the other.


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If you use a Hornby 2 track level crossing then it's set at 67mm. 

However on a straight length of track you can run then at 53mm apart as is the case here over my twin track girder bridge. You just have to ensure that they diverge to 67mm before a curve. Metcalf's twin track tunnel portal track is 54mm apart.

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I recall when I was a child in the 60s, being puzzled as to why when I bought a Superquick two road engine shed the geometry of the super 4 track I had would only allow the shed to have one track into the shed. I remember thinking that Superquick had made a basic mistake. 


It was many years later that I found out that Hornby track centres are far wider than the real thing to accommdate the situation on tight curves as mentioned in the real think, so it was not Superquick at fault ! 


I operate on a minimum 24 inch radius curves via a tracksetta and occasionally some coaches touch a little as they pass on curves, so if I laid track at the first and second radius dimensions at the real life centres there would no doubt be issues with coaches touching.   

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