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SCoronation beavertail observation car in LNER blue


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Oh no.  I am building a Mailcoach Coronation set.  The Silver Jubilee looks the same but isn't.  It originally had 2 -2 coach sets and a Restaurant Triplet set in the middle.  In 1937 a third coach was added to the rear coach set due to its popularity, thus making it a 8 car set with 2 - 3 coach sets.  The Coronation was 4 - 2 coach sets and the observation coach. An observation car would be nice as the Mailcoach kit is not quite right around the rear window, but will do.  If you look on Youtube - Wakefield Model Rail exhibition video 6, Grantham you will find the Mailcoach set go by.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kybO-OserbY&t=195s&index=4&list=LL57i9uffLUjPzkeYq3VWhdw

The Doc

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Did you buy your Mailcoach set recently?  I've been trying to complete my train for a while, but was told that the kits aren't currently in production, so I only have a West Riding very Limited.

The Doc


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No, I have had this for a number of years.  Have planned to build it the last year or so.  I was able to purchase from a deceased estate around 20 Kirk Gresley coaches, some which are not available from Hornby. So have been making these first.  None of these are available at the moment from the owner/manufacturer unless he has some stock when he attends exhibitions. We have been told that his dies/tools have warn out or something to that nature.

Though, If hornby did produce a observation car, I would buy one to replace the Mailcoach one as the rear end is nothing like the real thing.

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