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SBeen sorting spare parts.

It's a tricky One, if the vendor gets proof of posting you could say they have been reasonably responsible.  I personally would never recommend risk it postage for anything of value or size.


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Proof of posting does not provide proof of delivery and the vendor is still (in respect of their contract with the purchaser) liable for any loss.


The vendor also has a contract with Royal Mail for carriage and would need to submit a claim to Royal Mail for thier loss of the vendor's package. At that point Royal Mail will inevitably ask for proof of posting in order to consider the vendor's claim......  Surprised


In the past I sold an item on ebay and (given its modest cost) was going to send second-class post and take any loss on the chin. Except the item reached well over £100 so I posed Special Delivery accepting the additional postage cost myself - well it had sold for over ten times the expected price!  Laughing


It it is important or valuable I always use Special Delivery.  Wink

I enjoy life - it gives me something to do! - especially modelling BR's Southern Region 1955-61.

Yes indeedy. I was just saying I wouldn't recommend risk it postage to a buyer.


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Yes, I'll only send normal post if the value is low and the item replaceable which isn't very often.


In terms of selling on ebay I've sub-contracted this to a friend. Whilst he charges for his services it has taken the hassle away (being time-poor), particuarly as he undertakes considerable trade thereon. I'm relaxed in the knowledge that he has covered himself correctly in respect of the business aspects - certainly the taxman does pay an interest to potential traders thereon (not just the big-volume sellers either).


In my case I'm in no way a trader; I just have too much rolling stock and tend to replace items when an improved version comes out. My previous layout was London-based with the current being Surrey /Sussex border so there have been a few stock changes there too!  Smile

I enjoy life - it gives me something to do! - especially modelling BR's Southern Region 1955-61.

Going Spare

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Two points worth mentioning with regard to the relationship between Royal Mail and business vendors that existed as recently as 2016 and may well still apply:- 

Royal Mail have stated that no contract exists between them and the vendor as to the safe delivery of mail to the addressee even though their charge has been paid, and

Reimbursement for loss of or damage to goods is made only to the value paid by the vendor to their supplier and exclusive of VAT (i.e. cost rather than retail price) and only upon submission of proof of postage and documentation proving the claimed value (e.g. the supplier's invoice/s).  In the absence of such documents, their liability extends only to providing 6 First Class Stamps.



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A contract certainly does exist between Royal Mail and the vendor (person posting the item). However, the terms of that contract are limited in respect of uninsured loss. I seem to recall ordinary post it a maximum of £37 or thereabouts; the amount of compensation being set out in Royal Mail's terms and conditions for each type of post-service which form part of the contract of service with the vendor (person posting the item).


Most definitely Royal Mail will need documentary proof in order to support any claim for loss and this is usually with any insurance claim including (say) a motoring accident or household loss. Besides proof of posting (and as Going Spare quite rightly points out) documentation robustly demonstrating value would be required. Anyone who believes otherwise would be naïve.


Ultimate if I post 'normal post or signed-for I expect to cover any loss; hence using Special Delivery for important items as this carries a specific insurance for loss.


As an aside in law you can be 'served' documents (say a summons) by regular post; courts accepting simple proof of posting as being sufficient. However, if you have to 'notify' somebody by post (which entails a positive obligation to ensure receipt) then only Special Delivery will suffice as it provides a signature by the addressee (compared to signed-for could be signed by the reception of a multi-occupancy building on behalf of the addressee but not actually the addressee). 

I enjoy life - it gives me something to do! - especially modelling BR's Southern Region 1955-61.

Jeff Mennell

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SoT, hurry up and start your business! I have a few things for you to do. Smile

I'm beginning to think it's not worth doing, Jeff. Might as well hire an excavator, dig a deep big hole, dump my spare parts in it and set light to it all.

Postman Prat

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Hi SoT


Do not dispair - have a bit of patience. Couple of months and you'll be rushed off your feet.


PP.......... The light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train coming towards you


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Setting up a business such as yours is going to be hard work with little intial reward at the outset. However, I perceive you do have much enthusiam and the knowledge /capability to do it.


Will it make you a rich man; it doubt it. But ultimately it'll probably leave you very content!  Smile

I enjoy life - it gives me something to do! - especially modelling BR's Southern Region 1955-61.

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