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Hi all, I'm NEW to model trains and I'm just getting some bits together to build my layout, so I've purchased peco code 100SL-E95 points and R663 set, how do I connect to the track to work the points, ive also got the hornby decoder 

Rog (RJ)

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The motor in the pack you have bought is designed to fit the old Triang/Hornby points and won't fit the Peco point you have or modern Hornby points.

What decoder have you bought?


In future, I suggest you ask the forum members for advice before you buy anything else, as it could turn out to be an expensive mistake otherwise.

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The PECO E95 point is designed to be operated by either the PECO PL-10 or PL-11 point motors. Other brands of point motors can be made to fit, for example Gaugemaster, SEEP, DCC Concepts and others. But as Rog above has stated, the R663 is very specific to old Triang Hornby track (now obsolete).


To use a decoder to operate points you need a DCC controller as well. So can you confirm what controller are you using and as Rog asked, what specific Hornby decoder have you purchased. The current Hornby decoder is the R8247, this replaced the R8216 (now obsolete and should preferably be avoided).


Assuming a Hornby R8247 decoder. Wiring Hornby point motors (use as an overview guide) to Hornby R8247 decoders is covered in this previous post:



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