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0-6-0 Terrier Class Locomotive Decoder Installation

The following guide will aid you with the installation of a standard Hornby decoder into the 0-6-0 Terrier Class Locomotive.

Please note, that this installation is significantly more complex than most, as the limited space inside the body requires some modification of the locomotive chassis. CAUTION: Please read through these instructions in their entirety before beginning the installation. Also care must be taken as the soldering iron will get extremely hot and will burn if touched.

01 Terrier(1)

Step 1. Remove the body locate and remove the fixing screws.

02 Terrier(1)

Step 2. Gently ease the body from the chassis taking care not to damage any external detail.

03 Terrier(1)

Step 3. Using a thin blade or screwdriver, carefully remove the smoke box door and locate the weight inside. Do take extra care as the plastic can be easily damaged.

04 Terrier(1)

Step 4. Remove the weight retaining screw located inside the body of the locomotive. The weight will then become free and can be removed.

05 Terrier(1) 06 Terrier(1)

Step 5. Using a small drill and modelling files, drill a hole in the plastic that divides the smoke box and the main cavity inside the body. Using modelling files enlarge the hole so that it is large enough for the decoder to pass through.

17A Terrier(1) 17 Terrier(1)

Step 6. Remove the decoder from the protective packaging, taking care not to handle the PCB directly as static electricity will cause irreparable damage. To prepare the decoder, remove the plug using wire cutters and separate the red, black, orange and grey wires. The rest can be cut as short as possible and insulated with a piece of insulating tape if required.

07 Terrier(1)

Step 7. Strip and tin the Orange, Grey, Red and Black wires. Tinning the wires will make the installation easier. Care must be taken when soldering not to breathe in the fumes.

07B Terrier(1)

Step 8. Locate the orange capacitor situated on top of the motor.

08 Terrier(1)

Step 9. Unsolder the first set of three wires from the first leg of the capacitor.

09 Terrier(1)

Step 10. Unsolder the second set of three wires from the second leg of the capacitor.

10 Terrier(1)

Step 11. Solder the grey wire from the decoder to the first leg of the orange capacitor.

11 Terrier(1)

Step 12. Solder the orange wire from the decoder to the second leg of the orange capacitor.

12 Terrier(1)

Step 13. Solder the Black wire from the decoder to the first group of Black Red and Yellow pick-up wires.

13 Terrier(1)

Step 14. Solder the Red wire from the decoder to the second group of Black Red and Yellow pick-up wires.

14 Terrier(1)

Step 15. Place the locomotive onto the test track and test to make sure that the installation has been successful. Remember that the decoder has a default number of “3” and it is recommended that you code the locomotive to the number you require and test again.

15 Terrier(1)

Step 16. Once you are satisfied that the decoder is functioning correctly, insulate the joins between the decoder and the groups of three wires.

16 Terrier(1)

Step 17. Replace the loco body, passing the chip through the hole created in Step 5 and into the smoke box.

18 Terrier(1)

Step 18. Ensure that no there are no wires caught in any moving parts or between the chassis and the body. Replace the smoke box door and test once more to ensure that the installation has been totally successful.


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