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Hornby H0/00 Gauge Track Pieces

hornby track

With nearly thirty different elements, the comprehensive Hornby Code 100 set track can be used to create an almost infinite number of layout combinations.

Produced with nickel silver rail to enhance conductivity, aid track maintenance and improve the running characteristics of your locomotives, Hornby track is an ideal companion when using the latest DCC equipment, as well as providing a solid base for those enthusiasts that choose to run their layouts in analogue.

An important, yet often overlooked, feature of Hornby track is the pair of slots between the underside of the rails and the sleeper base. These slots can be used to accomodate power connecting clips, anchor points for signals or many of Hornby's trackside accessories and help to maintain the correct distance from the track, the loading gauge as it is known on the national rail network.

Four radii of track curves are available, as well as a number of standard and curved radius points, 'Y' points, specialist diamond crossings, a variety of straight sections and flexible track sections. Wherever your imagination takes you, there's Hornby track to bring it to fruition.

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