LNER, Thompson Class A2/3, 4-6-2 500 'Edward Thompson' - Era 3

LNER, Thompson Class A2/3, 4-6-2 500 'Edward Thompson' - Era 3


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LNER, Thompson Class A2/3, 4-6-2 500 'Edward Thompson' - Era 3


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Expected: Winter 2020-2021

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| Description

500 Edward Thompson entered traffic on 24 May 1946 at Gateshead, before changing sheds three times in the next four months. Eventually settling at Kings Cross from 12 September 1946, at nationalisation Edward Thompson was given the temporary British Railways number of E500, before being renumbered as 60500 on 7 October 1949. As top line duties dwindled, 60500 Edward Thompson was moved to Peterborough's New England shed on 4 June 1950, where the locomotive remained until withdrawal on 16 June 1963.


Hornby is a household name and is famous as the UK's brand leader in the model railway hobby with its high quality 00 gauge (1:76) models and accessories.

y Technical Specification & Detail

Gauge 00
Finish Standard
Length 295mm
DCC Type DCC Ready
Period Era 3 (1923 - 1947)
Operator/Livery LNER Apple Green
Class A2/3
Designer Edward Thompson
Entered Service 1946
Minimum Curve R2
Age Suitability 14+
Motor 5 Pole Skew Wound
Wheel Configuration 4-6-2

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