Hornby DCC Select Controller

Hornby DCC Select Controller


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Hornby DCC Select Controller


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| Description

The Hornby Select Digital Control is by far the perfect way to enter the digital world of model railways. The Select is capable of having control of 59 locomotives and providing power is available run 10 locomotives at any one time. The Select can also control 38 accessories addresses e.g. points.

The stylish design puts all the control features available from the Select at the operator's fingertips. From the smooth operation of the rotary control to the large LCD display, the Select is the ideal way to enter the digital world of model railways.

The SELECT standard 1 amp power supply will allow up to 3 locomotives running at any one time. The supplied 1 amp power supply can be upgraded to the 4 amp type which will allow operation of up to 8 locomotives. (Number of loco possible always depends on the power required per loco, this can vary.)

See the P9300 15V 4Amp Transformer

The SELECT defaults to 128 speed steps for smooth locomotive control. Can be programmed to accommodate 14 & 28 speed steps for older decoders.

Supports XpressNet protocol

Please note: The current version is V1.6 (March 2020.) This version includes CV programming capabilities.

Older firmware SELECTs can be updated by Hornby Service for a small fee. Please contact customer care. Please download the appropriate manual from the download page for more information if you are considering having your SELECT updated.

This item will be supplied with a UK transformer

% Safety Notice

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Age Suitability 14+

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Works well with Hornby and some Bachmann decoders (might work with other brnds as well) but does not work with Dapol, LaisDCC and various other brands of decoder. If you are sticking with Hornby and Bachmann decoders then its very good, but if you have or intend to have other decoders as well I don't recommend.

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