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App Based Analogue Control



Technology has moved on when it comes to controlling a 12vDC layout. There is no need for the controller to be tethered to the track as by utilising Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology Hornby’s latest control system can now control a model railway layout with simplistic ease.




The HM6000 12vDC Control App. and supporting HM6010 Points & Accessory Control Unit (PAC) allows the control of a 12vDC analogue layout using Bluetooth technology via either a smart ‘phone or tablet. Connection to the device is simple and follows the usual pairing protocol associated with Bluetooth equipment. (1) The HM6000 App will allow the user to select up to 8 locomotives (2) and control their speed (3), inertia (4) and braking (5), as well as being able to implement an Emergency Stop. Also included is the added function of sound (6) as the system incorporates the ability to switch on and off generic steam (6), diesel (6) and electric (6) locomotive sounds activated by the smart device – mobile ‘phone or tablet.


An added feature invaluable to those building their model railway layout is the comprehensive and simple to use ‘Track Builder’ (7) function that allows the operator to construct their own layout and operate accessories directly via the track matrix (8).


The HM6010 Points & Accessory Control Unit (PAC) can independently operate either via pulse (point control) or constant (lighting etc.) 4 accessories. Up to 3 PACs can be operated via the HM6000 App. In total the HM6000 and utilising the HM6010 PAC units can, with ease support 8 independently controlled locomotives running on 8 independent circuits (2), plus 12 accessories.




Locomotive Control 

Each HM6000 unit has the capabilities of powering up to two circuits, however a total of 4 units (9) (1/2, 3/4, 5/6 etc. 1/2 being one HM6000) may be added to a layout, which will allow for a total of 8 circuits (2). This in turn provides the selected control via a handheld smart device of 8 locomotives controlled independently on their individual circuits. The direction, inertia, braking and Emergency Stop (10) controls are clearly marked on the App’s screen. Also, up to 12 accessories, be they points (11), lighting (12) or other auxiliary (13) items that require power can be operated via the App’s screen once they are connected to the HM6010 PAC.


Holding the ‘phone or tablet in the horizontal or landscape position will provide a full screen image showing all the control features for a maximum of four locomotive, while if held in the portrait or vertical position the screen will just show two. Individual slide controls (3) operate the speed of the locomotives while a diagram (14) of the layout is visible so that accessories are easily operated with a tap the tap of a digital button.


The system allows for each circuit to be programmed with its own individual inertia settings (4) (automatic acceleration and deceleration) so that they correspond with the locomotive running on that circuit.


Adding selected sounds, which are emitted from the handheld device, is also a strong feature of the HM6000 App control.

There are three groups of sounds with six generic sounds per group (6). Included are ‘steam beat’ or ‘chuffing’, 2 whistles, 2 x diesel / electric horns and the sound of braking, plus a selection of other railway based sounds, with each appropriate sound capable of being allocated to the chosen circuit and corresponding locomotive.



The usual App settings are incorporated into the system allowing for the assignmentof Language, plus device and theme settings. There is also a ‘Help’ setting which will direct users to the Hornby website where they will be able to access frequently asked questions, support links and helpful forums. 


HM6010 Accessories & Point Control (PAC)

The HM6000 App is able to operate up to 12 accessories – pulsed for point control and constant current for lighting and other accessories using 3 x HM6010 PAC units. Simple to use, the screen of the chosen mobile device will show each of the accessories under control and whether they are pulsed for point motor control or constant current for lighting, colour light signals, turntables etc.


HM6000 Track Builder

Without question one of the strongest features of the HM6000 App is the TrackBuilder (7). Built into the software are several track diagrams including those featured on the  Hornby MidiMat which is included in the majority of Hornby train sets.


The larger TrakMat is also included along with an assortment of layout diagrams. The Track Builder will also allow the user to build their own track diagram by the simple use of ‘pick, drag and drop’ (15) with the track sections snapping into place.


Should a track piece not be required it can be easily pulled away from the circuit and deposited into a ‘Bin’ function (16). Once the diagram has been completed the auxiliary operating components can be added and with the ability to ‘pinch and zoom’ (17) even the smallest of track pieces can be easily positioned.




*Transformer required 


Note: For customers ordering from Europe or Australia please be advised that the required transformers for each country are:

- UK: P9100

- Europe: P9101

- Australia: P9102




App Based Analogue Control

The HM6000 has the capabilities to operate up to 8 locomotives independentlyon a layout providing they are on individual circuits. Each circuit requires to be linked to a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) unit. Each BLE unit has two outlets enabling it to be connected to two individual circuits.


Therefore, 4 BLE units would be required for 8 individual circuits. It is possible, however to still operate 8 locomotives using just one BLE unit via the HM6000 App but it would mean removing or adding to either one of the two circuits on the railway layout, individual locomotives so that there would only be one locomotive on each of the two circuits at any given time.


The BLE unit is connected to the circuit using an R8206 Power Track (recommended) or an R602 Power Connecting clip. Each BLE unit will require its own transformer.




App Based Accessory Control 

Four operating accessories or point motors maybe connected to each PAC unit with the power being supplied by a separate wall mounted transformer.


It is possible to connect up to three PAC units to one transformer but this does depend on how much power is being taken by the accessories, consequently it may be necessary to add a further power unit.

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