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DCC Controllers


Full control at your fingertips


Running a digital model railway control system means new and exciting tools to operate your rolling stock and electrical accessories. You can choose between the different Hornby DCC controllers or take your model railway to the next level using the eLink controller and RailMaster software for your PC. 

The Select controller is capable of managing up to 60 locomotives and 40 solenoid-operated accessories (such as points); Hornby's state of the art eLink digital interface unit, managed via your PC, can control an astonishing 9999 locomotives and in excess of 2000 points or accessories!

Our DCC control system will allow excellent flexibility in terms of individual locomotive control, essential for both busy smaller layouts and larger sets. It's easier to control those hard-to-reach accessories too, or even synchronise multiple points changes in one go.



3 Product(s)

3 Product(s)

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