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Sorry the BR 4-6-2 'Holland-Afrika Line' '35023' Merchant Navy (Un-Rebuilt) - BR Early with TTS Sound is no longer available...

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BR 4-6-2 'Holland-Afrika Line' '35023' Merchant Navy (Un-Rebuilt) - BR Early with TTS Sound

Item code: R3382TTS

Conceived in 1937 when Oliver Bulleid became Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Southern Railway, the Merchant Navy Class represented Bulleid’s vision for a quick accelerating, mixed traffic 4-6-2 locomotive, equally capable of hauling passenger services (such as the Golden Arrow and Atlantic Coast Expresses), or freight workings, to a speed of around 75mph.

Bulleid’s ‘air-smoothed’ design was easy to clean mechanically and hid the boiler’s external pipes and internal workings. Reaction to the new design varied, footplate staff appreciating the locomotive’s characteristics and steaming abilities, whilst the maintenance staff cursed them, multiple panels having to be removed to gain access to even the most minor of mechanical items, especially during the early life of the locomotives, as the design evolved.

Locomotive 35023, Holland-Afrika Line, entered service on November 6, 1948 at Exmouth Junction and was named at Southampton Docks on January 24, 1949 by M.A Pelt, the Managing Director of the company at the time. 35023 stayed allocated to Exmouth Junction until it was sent for its rebuild on Janyary 7, 1957.

Function list

  • F0     Headlight/rearlight
  • F1     Steam/ Steam exhaust
  • F2     Whistle long
  • F3     Whistle medium
  • F4     Whistle short
  • F5     Whistle very short
  • F6     Wheel slip
  • F7     Coal shovelling
  • F8     Blow down
  • F9     Safety valve
  • F10   Injector
  • F11   Cylinder cock
  • F12   Brake
  • F13   Blower
  • F14   Guard's whistle
  • F15   Coupler clank
  • F16   Fireman's breakfast
  • F17   Sound: chuffing/coasting
  • F18   Aux lighting
  • F19   Whistle long alternate
  • F20   Whistle passing
  • F21   Whistle medium alternative
  • F22   Whistle short alternate

Our Hornby engineers have developed a unique sound decoder that not only provides superior DCC control but also dedicated sounds associated with the locomotives that have been installed with this new sound decoder - TTS Twin Track Sound.

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