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Peckett W4 0-4-0ST

The Peckett W Class was comprised of six separate variations, from the W2 of 1884 to the W7 of 1938 and was of a standard design that represented more of an update over the years, rather than a development of the class. The W4 design represents a classic late Victorian four-coupled, medium range, industrial saddle tank design.

The locomotives were built at the Atlas Engine Works in St. George, Bristol, Peckett & Sons Ltd having taken over the business established there by Fox, Walker & Company in 1880. Their steam locos, noted for their fine rivet work on the cabs and tanks and the generous use of brass and copperwork, continued to be built at Atlas Works until June 12, 1958. Eventually, Peckett &Sons were bought out by Reed Crane & Hoist Company during 1961, having produced 140 W4 locomotives between April 1885 and February 1906.

Peckett themselves described their core market as “Colleries, Ironworks, Contractors Tinplate Works etc.” and took pride in turning their locos out in a lined Works grey livery. Utilising many standard components, the nature of the locos’ end use meant there were a number of ‘specials’ and alterations carried out, particularly ‘reduced height’ versions for operating in smelting works and collieries.

For further information on the development of the Peckett W4 0-4-0ST model visit The Engine Shed development blog.

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