Electrotren (H0 1:87) Steam locomotive RENFE, 141F2396. Mikado

Electrotren (H0 1:87) Steam locomotive RENFE, 141F2396. Mikado


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Electrotren (H0 1:87) Steam locomotive RENFE, 141F2396. Mikado


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| Description

German Flag Dampflokomotive der RENFE 141F2396. Mikado
Spanish Flag Locomotora vapor RENFE 141F2396. Mikado
French Flag Locomotive à vapeur RENFE, 141F2396. Mikado

Train history:

The 141 "Mikado" locomotives were ordered by RENFE from the British builder North British Locomotive Company, which supplied between 1953 and 1954 a first order for 25 assembled locomotives and various parts for the assembly of another 100 machines powered by coal-fired Spain.

A third group of machines was built in Spain between 1954 and 1958, such as our reproduced model 141F-2396, originally built by Euskalduna that has various improvements such as the double exhaust, new sandboxes, electric generator and fuel tank, since they left factory adapted to this type of fuel.

This may be the model of steam locomotive best known to fans, due in part to being the last locomotive of this type to provide service in Renfe and also to the good number of preserved specimens that have been in operation on tourist trains until short time and exposed in different places.

Its 2,000 Cv. Power was compared to the most modern diesel locomotives such as the 1,800 or 2,100 of ALCO, but its use was for the traction of Mail, Bus, Postcard and freight trains of all kinds.



Product Description


Our model of the RENFE Mikado is designed and built to exacting standards. Created by our Madrid based team, the locomotive looks perfect on a mantlepiece, in a display case, or of course on a railway layout.

Manufactured to HO scale – it is 87 times smaller than the real thing. Which means it will run on UK, European and US OO or HO gauge track. For British modellers, the couplings can be swapped for UK style (Hornby part number R8219) easily thanks to the NEM swap pocket.

The loco runs smoothly thanks to a premium motor and heavy flywheel. Once ‘run in’ you can set the loco to creep around the layout or rush along the straights with an Express train!



Hornby presents Electrotren, H0 model train sets, wagons, locomotives and coaches from Spain.


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y Technical Specification & Detail

Gauge H0
Length 265mm
Period III
Operator/Livery RENFE

Special Features

  • Digital decoder plug - 21 pin MTC
  • Directional lighting
  • Extending coupling mechanism
  • Flywheel(s)
  • Heavy metal die-cast chassis
  • Illuminated Interior
  • Sprung Buffers

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