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Digital Train Sets

Bring digital control to your model railway

Explore the rich functionality available with our DCC-fitted sets for the ultimate in train control. Our digital train sets are an easy way to start your digital model railway or to quickly expand existing layouts.

Digital DCC train sets use a constant 15V AC voltage across the rails and send additional electronic instructions to vary the speed and direction of individual locomotives and even control lighting and sound. Essentially, run several locomotives at different speeds, in different directions on the same track!

Choose from the sets with the Select controller – capable of controlling up to 60 locomotives and 40 solenoid-operated accessories (such as points) – or the state of the art eLink digital interface unit via your PC, which can manage an astonishing 9999 locomotives and in excess of 2000 points or accessories.

Click on the individual sets to explore the locomotives, rolling stock, track, unique TrakMat and digital controllers in each set.

Read our DCC pages for more information.

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1 Product(s)

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