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The S15 Class decorated sample and the TTS King Class sound test

The S15 Class decorated sample and the TTS King Class sound test


Well it has been a rather exciting few weeks here at Hornby HQ. Having taken delivery of some pre-production samples (PP samples) of several upcoming releases, we couldn't wait to get them on our test layout and share them with you.

Now and in the future you may see us referring to Pre-Production samples as PP samples, this is a term that’s used around the development office so in the spirit of the Engine Shed, we see no reason why we shouldn't use it here as well!



Pre-Production Samples
Typically we receive 5 different PP samples for any of the projects we’re working on.


1. Rapid prototype model or Stereo Sample – this helps us to ensure that the overall shape is correct, and also to make sure that the model will perform OK around our Test layout without any mechanical clashes.

2. First Shots off tooling – this gives us an idea of how the tooling is working and if there’s anything we need to tweak in the CAD drawings to improve the detail and quality of the model. Also, they help us to ensure that any limits and fits are correct for production assembly purposes. Hand decoration prototypes are also produced at this stage.

3. Running Sample – this is really exciting as it’s the first time we are able to see the model on the test layout and analyse how it runs.

4. Decoration Sample – this is fairly self-explanatory but again very exciting to see how the model will look fully decorated.

5. Approval Sample – this is a fully working, fully decorated and packed sample that we use for Quality Control and is essentially what you, the customer will buy off the shelf.



S15 Class Hand Decorated Sample

This week we had a PP hand decorated sample for the S15 Class arrive in all its glory. The S15 was the third of Robert Urie's 4-6-0 designs for the LSWR and was similar in appearance to the N15 class. Like with many Southern Railways locos the S15 went through many design changes in its lifetime which is something we’ve worked hard to accommodate when designing our model.




Way back in December 2013 the design process began, and with the aid of some original drawings, photographs and reference books we started to put together the CAD (computer aided design) that would be necessary to make the tooling. Sometimes when conducting our research we are lucky enough to visit the real thing and on this occasion we visited Bluebell Railway to photograph and measure Loco No. 847.





DSCF1053 DSCF1044


It is difficult to sum up how useful trips like this are – being up close to the loco and able to take measurements and photographs of aspects that just aren't visible elsewhere is not only fun, but integral to the design of the model.








The sample that we've just received of the S15 Class (pictured above) is in fact a First Shots PP sample that we've hand decorated.

Look out for a video of the S15 on the test track in a future edition of The Engine Shed.



'King Richard II' 6000 Class with TTS Sound


The-King_1_Side The-King_2

Stereo PP sample of The King Class


Also this week we've been testing the sound decoder that will feature in the R3370TTS BR 4-6-0 'King Richard II' 6000 Class with TTS Sound.


kingmontage2 kingmontage

 Measuring locomotive no. 6023 on a research trip to Didcot Railway Centre


We can’t show you the working model yet, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the sounds you can expect to hear later on this year.





When testing the sound we are listening out for the clarity and how the sounds respond to the function changes and speed changes of the loco. We’re really pleased with the sounds for the King and are excited to show you more in the coming months so stay tuned.




A Senior Product Designer hard at work


As The Engine Shed progresses we will have more and more updates to show you but be sure to let us know on Twitter with #HornbyEngineShed or on The Engine Shed Forum if there is anything you’d like to see in future, and what you think of the S15 and The King with TTS.

Thanks for reading and have a great Easter!

The Engine Shed Team

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