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The D16 arrives and update on the Silver Jubilee Collection

The D16 arrives and update on the Silver Jubilee Collection


Hello and welcome to this week's Engine Shed, the blog that takes you behind the scenes of the Hornby Development department for all of the latest product news.

The D16 is here!

This week's blog was almost rendered out-of-date yesterday - we had originally planned to bring you a final update on the D16s before their arrival next week, including a video of the final approval sample on the track. So it came as a (pleasant) surprise to be told that the D16s actually arrived in the warehouse yesterday, and are being prepared for despatch over the weekend!

The D16/3 locomotives were derivatives of a prototype locomotive, the S46 No. 1900 "Claud Hamilton", originally built in 1900 for the Great Eastern Railway. At the time of building, the S46 was the largest express locomotive on the GER, and went on to win a gold medal at the 1900 Paris Exhibition.


A D16/3 pulling a stopping service from Cambridge


A further forty S46 locomotives were built, which were subsequently re-classified by LNER as D14. The S46 was then further developed into the D56 (D15) with the addition of Belpaire boliers, before a final batch of ten engines were built in 1923 fitted with a superheated Belpaire boiler - the D16s or "Super Clauds".

The final stage in the transformation of the S46 to the D16/3 began in 1933, when engines from classes D15/1, D15/2 and D16/2 were rebuilt with new components such as larger boilers - these 'Gresley rebuilds' were classed as D16/3.




We last looked at the D16 on Engine Shed back in July when we received the approval samples. Now, take a look below at the D16 on the track, and see how it's developed from the initial CAD drawings to the final model.




If you haven't already pre-ordered a D16/3 it would be a good idea to head over to the D16 page now, as website stocks are already limited.



 The Silver Jubilee Collection - 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Set




For fans of the Class A4, the arrival of The Silver Jubilee Collection - 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Set - R3337 next month is a key date in the diary.

This limited edition set of four silver LNER 4-6-2 Class A4 locomotives has been produced to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the introduction of the first LNER Class A4 locomotives. In 1935 the first four A4 locomotives, which had been specifically built to haul a new streamlined service between London, King’s Cross and Newcastle, left the LNER Doncaster Workshops.




Silver Link made its inaugural journey from King's Cross on 29 September 1935, reaching a record-breaking speed of 112mph and beginning the subsequent ongoing battle between LNER and the London Midland and Scottish Railway for ever greater speeds. All four locomotives were painted in silver/grey livery to match the ‘Silver Jubilee’ streamlined coaches. The ‘Silver Jubilee’ service ran for four years but was cancelled at the outbreak of the Second World War and never reinstated.

Click on The Meccano Magazine below to see a selection of fascinating clippings from the archives on these magnificent locomotives.





This fantastic set of four Silver Jubilee A4s - Silver Link, Quicksilver, Silver King and Silver Fox -  is now well into its production run, and below we can reveal some shots of the final samples that we've just received - they make quite an impressive sight we like to think!













That's it for this week. Will the D16/3 or The Silver Jubilee Collection be gracing your layout? Let us know on the Engine Shed forum and on Facebook and Twitter with #HornbyEngineShed. Join us next time for more product development news, including a 'small' new 2016 product announcement...

Happy modelling!


The Engine Shed Team


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