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STOP PRESS Hornby 2018 Mid-year Announcement!

STOP PRESS Hornby 2018 Mid-year Announcement!

Hello everybody and welcome to a brand new, STOP PRESS edition of The Engine Shed. Keen readers will have seen many teasers across our social media channels this last Bank Holiday weekend and now, finally the time has come. We are very excited to reveal 29 new additions to the 2018 Hornby range! Yes, that’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, 29!

It may have only been a matter of months since our range launch back in January, and if you think back, we did hint at the time that there may be more announcements later in the year, so without further ado, here they are! You can be sure we will be covering these items in greater detail in future editions of The Engine Shed, and our full announcement can be seen on our website but take a look below at some of our highlights.

Hornby GWR Hitachi IEP Class 800 Paddington

GWR, Hitachi IEP Bi-Mode Class 800/0, 'Paddington' Livery Five Car Set

After the remarkable feedback we received initially when 2017’s GWR Hitachi IEP Class 800 was announced and again when it was released, what better product to kick off these mid-year announcements with than a new version of this highly sought after train pack, complete with a unique ‘Paddington Bear’ livery. We’ve gone into extensive detail about the development of our Class 800 in previous Engine Shed blogs but couldn’t let this new addition go un mentioned because of it’s eye catching livery. In a naming ceremony at Paddington Station on January 10, 2018, the daughter of author Michael Bond named the driving cars of Class 800/0 five-car set no. 800 010 after her father and his creation, Paddington Bear. Micheal Bond’s first Paddington Bear book was released on October 13, 1956 and has proved to be an iconic and loveable literary character over the subsequent sixty years, as well as sharing a name with the GWR’s London terminus. In addition to the names carried on the two power cars, the original illustrator of the Paddington Bear book, Peggy Fortnum, has provided images of Paddington Bear that adorn not just the power cars, but the doors of the coaches as well, making set 800 010 truly unique in the GWR IET fleet.

GWR, Hitachi IEP Bi-Mode Class 800/0, 'Paddington' Livery Five Car Set
Hornby Hitachi Class 800 IEP Paddington

A Plethora of Pecketts

Hornby Huntley & Palmers, Peckett W4 Works Freight Pack

Huntley & Palmers, Peckett W4 Works Freight Pack - Limited Edition

Do not adjust your screens, you've read that correctly, the loveable Huntley & Palmers Peckett W4 is back under a different running number and this time it has three companions in the form of three Huntley & Palmers six plank wagons; numbers, 23, 24 and 25. Ever since it was introduced to the range back in 2016 we’ve seen the demand for the Peckett grow and grow, and the eye catching blue Huntley & Palmers has been a clear favourite among collectors. We’re very excited to see it in the range once again, this time as a limited edition train pack.

Port of London Authority, Peckett W4 Class, 0-4-0ST, No. 74

Not only appearing in our mid-year range launch in the form of the Huntley & Palmer limited edition train pack, the lovable 0-4-0ST Peckett W4 Class returns once again in a rather fetching Port of London Authority livery. One that is sure to stand out on your layouts and a must for Peckett collectors everywhere!

Hornby Port of London Authority, Peckett W4 Class, 0-4-0ST, No. 74

Hornby Track Plans Book 2018

Making an appearance in the Hornby range for the first time in 5 years, we’re really pleased to welcome back the Track Plans Book for its 14th Edition. This tantalising book is full to the brim with everything you need to know about designing your layout. From extending your TrackMat layout to building a layout the size of your living room, the Track Plans Book takes you through geometry, baseboard construction, wiring advice and much more – great if you’re in need of inspiration for your big model railway project.

Hornby Track Plans Book 2018

New Track Accessories

Hornby Mid year announcement Track accessories

It’s not just locos and rolling stock finding its way in to our range, oh no. We are also excited to be re-introducing many track accessories such as Platform Fencing, Brick Bridges, Footbridges and much more. These highly detailed models add a great sense of realism to your layouts and we’re really excited to have them back in the range and to see them appearing on layouts again soon.

All of these newly announced items will be available later in the year so keep an eye on here and our website for all the latest news and information. As we mentioned there are many more additions to the range including an additional variant of the Peckett, a new LMS Princess Coronation Class Locomotive and GWR Mk3 coaches. We simply cannot cover them all in one blog so be sure to head over to New for 2018 section to peruse and pre-order all that’s on offer. 

Rest assured we will be going into more detail about our new announcements in later blogs, but for the time being, please do let us know what you think of our surprise announcement over on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on our Official Forum.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short, but sweet STOP PRESS edition. We’ll be back again soon with another peek behind the scenes here at Hornby HQ.


Until next time… 

Happy Modelling!

The Engine Shed Team


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