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STOP PRESS - Exclusive Warley 2017 Announcements

STOP PRESS - Exclusive Warley 2017 Announcements


Welcome to a special stop press edition of The Engine Shed, coming to you live from the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at Birmingham NEC. For the first time this year we are giving you a ringside seat to the Hornby presentation at the exhibition by broadcasting the event live on our Facebook channel, with exclusive announcements of FIVE very significant 2017 products, a surprise sneak preview of the 2017 range for January to March and some exciting news regarding the Hornby 2017 catalogue.

We have so much to pack in to this week's edition that we don't have room to cover everything in detail, so make sure to look out for future editions of The Engine Shed from next Friday when we will be looking at the new 2017 products in more detail. In addition you can find more exclusive coverage of today's announcements in the January issues of Hornby Magazine and BRM British Railway Modelling Magazine.

We're all very excited to be looking ahead to our 2017 plans, so please take your reserved First Class seat for what is undoubtedly the biggest ever Engine Shed to date.






Presenting a steam legend - the Princess Coronation Class (Modified)

Following the success of the streamlined LMS 4-6-2 ‘Duchess of Hamilton’ Princess Coronation Class this year, we are pleased to announce the launch of the newly tooled Modified Princess Coronation Class in 2017.




The story of the Princess Coronation Class is one of split personalities and purposes and represents the difference in opinions and attitudes between design on the one hand, and perceived cost savings on the other.

The original streamlined form of the class arose from tests by the London Midland Scottish Railway’s Research Department on Stanier’s development of the Princess Royal class locomotives. Stanier was said to be ambivalent about the economic value of streamlining, but was aware of the publicity value of such a design. When the opportunity to produce five conventional versions of the Coronation Pacific as a comparison to the streamlined version arose, Stanier was quoted as saying, “They can have their streamliners if they b***** want them, but we will also build them five proper ones”.

Today we can unveil R3553 LMS 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl' Princess Coronation Class (Modified)R3555 BR 4-6-2 'Sir William A. Stanier F.R.S.' Princess Coronation Class (Modified) Late BR Red and R3509TTS BR 4-6-2 'City of Birmingham' Princess Coronation Class (Modified) with TTS Sound - these magnificent locomotives are scheduled to arrive in late 2017 and are available to pre-order now.



Undecorated stereo sample of the Princess Coronation




There will be a detailed look at the history and development of the Princess Coronation Class (Modified) in next Friday's Engine Shed.






The UK's newest HST - the Hitachi IEP Bi-Mode Class 800/0

From classic steam to the latest diesel-electric high-speed train for the next new announcement - the Hitachi IEP Bi-Mode Class 800/0.




A logical design progression from the Class 395 Javelin, the Class 800 stock have been designed to technical specifications laid down by the Department for Transport, complying with the latest European standards. The five car Class 800/0 sets debut next year on the partly electrified West Country Mainline, made up from a Standard Driving Car, two Standard motor carriages, a Composite motor carriage and Composite Driving Car.




For 2017 we will be producing R3514 Hitachi IEP Bi-Mode Class 800/0 GWR Train Pack and the limited edition R3579 Hitachi IEP Bi-Mode Class 800/0 DPTS & DPTF Test Train Power Units. Both sets are scheduled to arrive in Autumn 2017 and are available to pre-order now.




warley-pres-36_1 warley-pres-37_1

Hand decorated stereo samples of the Hitachi which will be available to view on the stand at Warley


The full development story of the Hitachi Class 800/0 will be in next Friday's edition of The Engine Shed.





New tooling for a much-loved favourite - the Class 87

For our final 2017 announcement we're taking a trip back to the 1970s/80s - after many requests, we present the much-loved Class 87, the flagship of British Rail's electric fleet until the late 1980s, newly tooled from the ground up for 2017 with an astonishing level of detail.




The Class 87 locomotive design resulted from a requirement for a more powerful mixed traffic electrical locomotive by British Rail, needed to cope with the route gradients of the West Coast Main Line between Weaver Junction and Glasgow. Electrification had been newly authorised over this section in 1970 and was scheduled for completion by May 1974, leaving little time to design a completely new locomotive from scratch and so British Rail decided to base the new class on the existing Class 86 locomotives.



Image © Martin Loader


For 2017 we will be producing R3580 Class 87 87035 ‘Robert Burns’ in BR Rail Blue livery (with Cross Arm Pantograph) and R3582 Class 87 87010 ‘King Arthur’ in BR Intercity ‘Swallow’ logo livery (with High Speed Pantograph).



Undecorated stereo sample of the Class 87


There is more on the Class 87 in the January issue of Hornby Magazine, and we'll be covering the development in more detail in a future edition of The Engine Shed.






Braking news - 'Toad' Brake Vans

News just in, new for 2017 - two newly tooled  'Toad' Brake Vans featuring a very high level of detail including handrails, handbrake levers, underside and other detailing. R6823 GWR AA15 20 Ton Goods Brake Van 'Toad' 56866 and R6824 BR (ex-GWR) AA15 20 Ton Goods Brake Van 'Toad' W68571 will be available in late 2017.  


  toad-wagon-preview_1 toad-wagon-preview_2 Undecorated engineering sample of the Toad Brake Van  


Sounds fantastic - TTS Sound Decoders

In response to your requests, we're pleased to announce that we will be releasing stand-alone TTS sound decoders from summer 2017. Retailing at £39.99, the decoders will be available for ten different locomotives: - steam A3, A4, Tornado, King Class, Castle Class - diesel Class 31, 37, 47, 60 and 67. Look out for further detail in a future edition of The Engine Shed.  




Hornby 2017 range sneak preview

As if these three announcements weren't enough, we're changing the way that we release details of our new range, hence today we are revealing all new 2017 items that will be released between January and March 2017. Head over to our New for 2017 page where you can see all of the new items, in addition to all of the 2017 items that have been previewed so far in The Engine Shed, all of which are now available to pre-order. Our main range launch, with details of the complete 2017 range, will now take place in early January.        


Hornby 2017 Catalogue

After listening to your feedback this year, we can now reveal that the full sized Hornby Catalogue is back for 2017. In addition to being available from your local Hornby stockist from January 2017, the 2017 Hornby Catalogue will also be available from the following retailers: WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Martin McColls, Easons and Independent Newsagents. In an exclusive partnership with Hornby Magazine you will be able to buy the February issue of Hornby Magazine with the 2017 Hornby Catalogue for a combined offer price of £9.99 (normally £12.30).   hornby-cat-2017   We're aware that those of you that collect the Hornby Catalogue will have a gap in your collection for 2016. As a result we are looking at the feasibility of retrospectively publishing a special edition 2016 Catalogue to fill this gap, if there is enough interest shown in the concept - let us know your opinion below.  



That's all for this stop press edition - don't forget to come back next Friday for more of an in-depth look at our new 2017 announcements. If you're going to make a trip to Warley, please do come and see us on Stand A30. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about all of our Warley news. Let us know what you think in the usual places (Facebook, Twitter & our Official Forums).

Until next time, thank you for reading and happy modelling!


The Engine Shed Team


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