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Peckett W4 0-4-0ST - The Story So Far...

Peckett W4 0-4-0ST - The Story So Far...


Hello and welcome to another peek behind the curtain at the Hornby Development office! It’s been all go here and spirits have been high as rays of sunshine hit the roof of Hornby HQ and we start to receive some exciting updates on 2016 projects.

After last week’s blog, we thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments about the Approval Samples of the Class 71, but wanted to address a question that was raised on a couple of platforms about the samples that were on display at The London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace earlier in the year. These samples were in fact the Decoration Samples and not the Approval Samples. We realise that in appearance there is not much difference, however the Decoration Samples serve only to aid us with ensuring the appearance of the loco is correct, they are not the all singing, all dancing example that the Approval Samples are. For more information about the different samples we receive throughout the development process and how we use them, take a look at the second edition of The Engine Shed where we explain them in more detail.

So, onwards with this week’s exciting development update! This week we took delivery of the First Engineering Sample or first shot off tooling for the remarkable Peckett W4 0-4-0ST!

Having been the subject of many an Engine Shed blog since its announcement in October last year, the Peckett needs no introduction and it is really exciting to show you the next stage of this loco’s development.


social_TeaseEagle eyed viewers in one of our videos on Facebook and Twitter were some of the first to catch a glimpse of The Peckett


When we first receive the First Engineering Sample the first thing we do is get it under the lights and the magnifying glass and take a good long look, comparing it with the CAD model that we initially produced. After noting down any changes that might need to be made the next thing is to get it running. Occasionally we'll have to enlist the services of our R&D Engineer to work his magic with a screwdriver to get these delicate samples running, however on this occasion the Peckett ran superbly right out of the box! We really put it through its paces to ensure everything was working correctly with the motor and the design of the body work and it did not let us down - it just kept going, and going and going! It was truly remarkable how smooth and silent it was, which increases the feeling that we all have, that this is set to be one of the most exciting releases of 2016.

Check out our video below and let us know how you think the Peckett is shaping up.



We really couldn't be happier with the First Shots. Naturally, there are a still a few things that will need adjusting, so please bear that in mind.







So there we have it, another tick on the Peckett W4’s development check list. Next up is a decoration sample that should be with us very soon and to say that we're excited about that would be somewhat of an understatement...


Render collageComputer renders of the three liveries for the Peckett W4


Available to pre-order now from Hornby.com and your local retailer, the Peckett will be landing ready for release later in the year. Which of the three livery options takes your fancy?

Thank you again for reading, we’re off to find some cake (any excuse right?) and celebrate the one and only Frank Hornby’s birthday. Will you be celebrating? Why not grab your favourite loco and give it a run on your layout, or dig out the train set from the loft and get it running again in celebration of the great innovator and visionary. Happy Birthday for Sunday Frank, without you most of us would not be involved with this wonderful hobby.

Why not join The Engine Shed discussion over in the Forum and on Facebook and Twitter? We love to hear your feedback.

Until next time…

Happy Modelling!


The Engine Shed Team


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