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New Adams Radials on their way!

New Adams Radials on their way!


Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of Engine Shed. As mentioned in previous editions, new product samples have been thin on the ground for the past few weeks due to the effect of Chinese New Year, when the majority of our factories shut down for the holiday. However we've still been very busy in the Hornby development department working on 2017 and 2018 model releases, and we're glad to say that the flow of 2016 production samples is now beginning to resume.

Look out for the next Engine Shed in two weeks time where we will be unveiling a host of new production samples which are due to arrive any day now. However, what we do have to show you this week are the final approval samples that we've just received of the three new Adams Radial locomotives, due to arrive in mid-July.



Adams Radial Class 415



The Class 415 4-4-2T tank engine was introduced in 1882 by William Adams, the Locomotive Superintendent of the London South Western Railway. Developed from the earlier, rebuilt LSWR 46 class, the Class 415 locomotives differed by having larger diameter radial wheels, spoked bogie wheels and shorter side tanks, the main body of water being carried in a well tank beneath the bunker.

As the LSWR workshops at Nine Elms were running at full capacity, the manufacture of the Class 415 was outsourced to four engineering companies -  R. Stephenson & Co, Neilson & Co, Beyer Peacock and Dübs & Co - who constructed a total of 71 locomotives between 1882 and 1885.

The Class 415s were originally employed to carry London suburban traffic on the LSWR, however the introduction of the Drummond M7 from 1895 led to them being shifted to rural branch traffic, and by Grouping in 1923 only 30 locomotives made it on to the Southern Railway’s stock book. However, three 415s remained in service on LSWR's Lyme Regis branch line until 1962.

Only one Adams Radial remains in preservation, No. 488, on the Bluebell Railway, which was scanned and measured by the Hornby development team in 2014. The results were then compared to the historical plans we hold, allowing us to include as many variations as possible in the final tooling.





Measuring up Class 415 no. 488 at the Bluebell Railway



Adams Radial final samples - first look

So, without further ado, we're proud to unveil some pictures and video of the final approval samples of our latest Adams Radial locomotives.


R3333_2 R3333_1

R3333 BR 4-4-2T Adams Radial 415 Class - Early BR


R3334_2 R3334_1

R3334 BR 4-4-2T Adams Radial 415 Class - Late BR


R3335_4 R3335_1


R3335_2 R3335_3

R3335 LSWR 4-4-2T Adams Radial 415 Class - LSWR Preserved


The new Adams Radial locomotives, and the Limited Edition Lyme Regis Branch Line Train Pack are scheduled to arrive in mid-July - for further information visit the Adams Radial category page.

Well, that's it for this edition - as always if you have any comments please do let us know on Facebook, Twitter or on our Official Forum.


See you next time

The Engine Shed Team


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