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Merchant Navy, Class 71 and Collett Coaches updates

Merchant Navy, Class 71 and Collett Coaches updates


Welcome to The Engine Shed – the blog that takes you behind the scenes at Hornby HQ written by us, the Hornby designers. We have a veritable photographic smorgasbord for you this week as samples have been coming in thick and fast, so let’s get right to it!


Merchant Navy Class

First up this week we have an exclusive first look at the stereo samples for a brand new 2016 item – The Merchant Navy Class. First announced back in February, this class was one of the first to be announced from our 2016 range, and since then the project has been moving on very nicely indeed.

Whilst the sample below doesn’t show a great deal of detail, rest assured the finished locos like the 21C1 EX Works condition from 1941 shown here will be as high detailed as our recent releases. This is after all an initial Stereo sample – designed to help us ensure that the overall shape is correct, and also to make sure that the model will perform around our test layout without any mechanical clashes. We’re very pleased with the Merchant Navy’s progress so far and we cannot wait to show you more as the project develops.



Merchant_Navy_Stereo_6 Merchant_Navy_Stereo_2 Merchant_Navy_Stereo_3 Merchant_Navy_Stereo_4 Merchant_Navy_Stereo_5


The Merchant Navy Class is currently due for release in late 2016.



Class 71



Also this week we have taken delivery of the second Running Sample of the highly anticipated Class 71 with one detail in particular that we wanted to show off to you – the pantograph. We’ve taken a great deal of time to ensure the pantograph on this iconic locomotive is correct and of the highest detail. In fact, this is even a working pantograph that allows current to be passed through it for those of you with overhead power lines on your layouts! You can see a video of our first running sample of the Class 71 on our test track here. Take a look below at our second Running Sample and be sure to let us know what you think.



Class_71_Second_Running_Sample_4Class_71_Second_Running_Sample_5 Class_71_Second_Running_Sample-_1 Class_71_Second_Running_Sample_2 Class_71_Second_Running_Sample_3



Collett Coaches



And last, but by no means least this week we have some samples of another 2016 product that was recently announced. These are first Running Samples of the Collett 'Bow Ended' Standard 57' Corridor Stock Coaches. We announced these back in May and we really appreciate the excitement which they generated. The first samples arrived on our desks last month, however we felt that they did not meet the high standards that we have set ourselves so we made sure some vital changes were made to bring them to what you can see below. Read more about the Collett coaches here and as always be sure let us know what you think of these sneak peeks.


Bow_Ended_Collett_Coaches_2nd_Running_Sample_10 Bow_Ended_Collett_Coaches_2nd_Running_Sample_1 Bow_Ended_Collett_Coaches_2nd_Running_Sample_2 Bow_Ended_Collett_Coaches_2nd_Running_Sample_3 Bow_Ended_Collett_Coaches_2nd_Running_Sample_6



Well that about does it from us. We love to read your reactions to our fortnightly blogs so keep your comments coming on our Engine Shed forum and on Facebook and Twitter with #HornbyEngineShed. Join us again for more product development news as it happens...

Happy modelling!


The Engine Shed Team


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