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Lots of Running Samples and New Releases

Lots of Running Samples and New Releases

Hello one and all, and welcome to Hornby’s Development blog, The Engine Shed. It has been another busy month here in Sandwich and we have a lot to discuss. We begin, as has been the case in the last few editions, with the latest samples that we’ve received, including one that fans of a certain new tooling Scottish locomotive will be very keen to see.

We also have a lot to show you from the Paddington Class 800 project, which is something we’ve spoken about a couple of times in previous editions. Today’s feature will likely be the ‘cherry on top’ on what we hope many people have enjoyed reading about.

There’s also the arrival of a couple of long-awaited models, which I’m sure we’re all keen to see available, but more importantly, out there and on modeller’s layouts.

Finally, we recently discussed an important milestone on our social media channels, which is certainly worthy of a mention here too. After checking in with a special Train Pack earlier this month, we asked for stories from the end of steam in 1968 and have a handful for you here.

With so much to get through, we best make a start.

The Latest Samples

We’ve mentioned before how it is always incredibly exciting for us when we get to reveal an exclusive sample through our blog. Being able to showcase some of the work that goes on here, with the chance for almost immediate feedback, is a hugely rewarding process and one we look to use whenever we can.

In this month’s Engine Shed we have an exclusive first look at a Decoration Sample of the highly anticipated J36. With only the one model for you here, the other two 2018 releases should arrive shortly, but please enjoy the first look at the decorated J36 Class, BR 65311 ‘Haig’ R3622. It is worth noting that we're showing you this sample with the snow plough fitted but on release, the snow plough is included in the accessory bag and can be fitted if desired.

Hornby J36 Deco Sample
Hornby J36 Deco Sample

Overall, the team are very happy with the sample and there are no major concerns to discuss. Although, always the perfectionists, we must add the ‘Engine Shed caveat’ that this model is still a sample and does not show the fully finished version.

We also managed to grab a few extra photographs of the model on our layout here in the office, which we hope you enjoy.

Hornby J36 Deco Sample
Hornby J36 Deco Sample

The BR J36 wasn’t the only model we had on our layout recently though. A sample of the Hitachi IEP Class 800 ‘Paddington’ Livery was also received, allowing us to go one step further from the artwork samples we had for you last time. Showing the model in all its glory, we got it running on our layout and tried to effectively capture just how stunning the model is.

Hornby R3961
Hornby R3961
Hornby R3961

With the box and certificate also completed, we have included all the items you can expect with the R3691 Train Pack, plus another look at the exquisite artwork detail included on the model.

Hornby R3961
Hornby R3961
Hornby R3961
Hornby R3691

There is one more model we must mention as we continue to discuss locomotives we’ve recently featured here in The Engine Shed. The loco is, of course, the R3660 DCR Class 56 56303 and we managed to film the model having a few laps on our track.

The Class 56, just like the Class 800, was a joy to run and we were likely close to the maximum amount of time we can allow for a running session for the blog! However, you don’t have to take our word for it, please enjoy the brief video below.

At the time of writing this blog the DCR Class 56 is imminent, and it is very possible it will be in stock when you read this Engine Shed. In the space of just a few weeks, we’ve announced and seen the release of a model which looks to us to be very popular. 

Class 87

From models running on our layout here in Sandwich, we can now focus on two more locos which will soon be running on your layouts. While it has been much longer than anticipated, two of the three Class 87 models should now be available (or very soon after reading this blog) – both the R3580 BR 87035 ‘Robert Burns’ and R3582 BR Intercity 87010 ‘King Arthur’.

Hornby R3580
Hornby R3582

Having been announced back at Warley 2016, we lifted the lid on the Class 87 project here in The Engine Shed back in October last year. We discussed the work that had gone into the research and design of the model, drawing upon numerous sources to try and paint the picture of just what went into the models that will soon be arriving.

Hornby Class 87 Research Trip

The Class 87 had been a topic we had been wanting to discuss for some time here in the blog and it is fantastic news that the first of the models are now hitting the shelves.

Hornby Class 87

However, we must also mention the Virgin Trains Class 87 87019 ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ (R3656). Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, this model is currently due for release in 2019. While we can assure you we’re still working as hard as we can, there will certainly be a wait for this model.

Hornby R3656

While it is simply not possible for us to go into detail here, problems with one of our suppliers is the root cause of the delay and we’re in constant contact to see what can be done to address and alleviate any problems. We’ll try to keep you as up-to-date as we can, both on the website and here in The Engine Shed.

Hornby Class 87

We had been hoping to include more photography of the Class 87 (we had wanted to have it for our recent running session), but with the models safely packed away for the journey to the Great Dorset Steam Fair, it means those attending the show will have the pleasure of seeing our samples instead.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair

Speaking of the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the event opened its doors yesterday for what will likely be a huge year as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary. Hornby is in attendance and the stand, and team, are ready for a full weekend in Dorset.

If you’re attending the show, which runs all throughout the weekend, please do make sure you pay us a visit. We’ll be covering the show over on our social media channels so if you can’t make it, you can still enjoy the show with us online.

Hornby at Great Dorset Steam Fair 2018

The End of Steam

We end August’s blog with something a little different. As we mentioned at the start, we were recently discussing the end of steam on Britain’s railways. What began with the 50th anniversary of the ’15 Guinea Special’ a couple of weeks ago, led to us wondering what memories or stories people had of the last few months of steam during 1968.

15 Guinea Special

The responses we received often couldn’t be placed within those specific months in 1968, but it still showed what an end of an era it was and how it affected people, which in many cases weren’t actually present.

James Beasley wrote on Facebook, “Growing up in the 90s I never got to see steam in all its glory, however thanks to places like the NYMR & Talyllyn Railway I can at least see why steam was so important, and so loved by the nation, so I feel very blessed to have experienced steam at least second hand.

Over on Twitter, Jamie Spilsbury told us about his great grandad, who retired in 1967, just before the end of steam.

Jamie Spilsbury on Twitter

And Philip Page had the rather sobering response below.

Philip Page on Twitter

The models and hobby we are all a part of is intrinsically linked to the history of the railway and Train Packs like the ’15 Guinea Special’ have a very real link for many of those who add it to their collection. It can often be easy to focus on each model itself and not keep in mind the much larger picture behind each and every release. However, we certainly do our best here at Hornby and we hope these models add and enhance any real-life links you may have.

If you have any memories or stories you’d like to share about the end of steam, please do get in touch, using either our Facebook page, Twitter or Forum.

That concludes this edition of The Engine Shed. Covering all the latest samples, and more, we hope you have enjoyed this small part of what’s been going on here recently at Hornby HQ. There is plenty more to come for the rest of the year as we continue to track the projects as they progress through to release.

We’d like to thank you for reading this edition of The Engine Shed and it would be great if you could pass on any feedback you have from this blog, either using our Facebook page, Twitter or Official Forum.

We’ll be seeing you in just a few weeks and until then,

Happy Modelling!

The Engine Shed team


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