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Decoration sample exclusives and the Toad gets a lick of paint

Decoration sample exclusives and the Toad gets a lick of paint


Hello and welcome to The Engine Shed, your trip through the looking glass to the wonderland that is the Hornby Development Office.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, March has gone by just as quickly as the rest of this year and all of a sudden the annual Festival of Railway Modelling at London’s historic, and really rather glamorous Alexandra Palace is just around the corner. In an attempt to match our palatial surroundings, the past couple of weeks have been spent hastily pulling together the cream of our 2017 prototypes and models to have on display at the show, some of them never seen before! What could it be? Well we’ll get to that later…


Toad gets a lick of paint

PrintDecoration schemes for the forthcoming Toad Brake Vans


Having been announced at the end of last year, the first shots of these classic pieces of rolling stock were on display at Warley and we have been able to show you each step of the models’ production thus far here in the Engine Shed. We confirmed the liveries just before Christmas and since then, our team have been beavering away and today we are happy to show you the first decoration samples for the first time!


BR Toad Deco 2-web


There comes a time here at Hornby where we can sit back, look at a sample and think… “Yes, this is what we were after” and this is one of those times. So far the production of these brake vans has been relatively painless and the decoration samples are no exception. The subtle differences in the shade of BR grey on the roof and sides we feel is really accentuated by the brilliant white of the handrails.


BR Toad Deco 1-web


The tampo printed GWR lettering and signage is clear and well defined, making the wagon as a whole stand out on a layout, and one detail we’re particularly proud of is the difference in colour on the brake lever inside the GWR version.


GWR Toad Deco 4-web


Over all we are extremely happy with the way these have turned out and with only a few notes to send back to the factory (we are perfectionists after all) we are looking forward to these going into production very soon. Please do let us know what you think, but bear in mind that these are still decoration samples so there might still be a few things that need tweaking.


BR Toad Deco-web

GWR Toad Deco 3-web


The BR and GWR Toad Brake Vans are available to pre-order now and should be hitting the shelves later this year.



The return of the Q1

No 33003 Bulleid Q1-web


2017 marks the return of a unique and rather brutally styled locomotive to the range which hasn’t been in production at Hornby for going on 7 years, none other than the Q1 Class. The ‘Charlie’ as it came to be known, was a locomotive devoid of ancillary ‘furniture’ and was reduced to the very bare bones of locomotive design. It had the largest available boiler fitted, and had a greater tractive effort, yet it was barely 1½ tons heavier than the earlier Q Class. Designed with free running in mind, essential given its mixed traffic capability, the locomotive performed almost as well running tender first as it did running forward, being capable of a maximum speed of 75mph in both directions.

When we reintroduce a loco to the range, particularly when we have changed vendors since it was last in production, which we have in this case, it’s important to check the tooling to ensure everything is up to scratch before it hits the shelves. For the Q1 class we didn’t have to change much if any of the CAD, only to make the tender sound-ready, and just the other day we received our first decoration sample -  the first new Q1 we’ve seen since 2010! This is without a doubt one of our favourite locos and we will be sure to re-visit the Q1's development in a future edition. In the meantime, take a look below to see how it’s shaping up - expected in late 2017, you can pre-order this brute of a loco in either Late BR or SR variations online or from your local stockist.


Q1 Decoration Sample 4-web

BR Q1 Decoration Sample 2-web

Q1 Decoration Sample 3web



GWR HST 125 Train Pack decoration sample exclusive



We mentioned at the beginning of the blog that we would have a sample that had not been seen before on display this weekend at Ally Pally. Well, we are giving you a little sneak peek today in an Engine Shed exclusive! This sample is none other than the first decoration sample for the forthcoming and highly anticipated GWR HST 125 Train Pack!





The livery for this GWR HST is remarkably simple really when you look at it, however nonetheless eye catching! We noticed when we first announced the model as part of our full range announcement last year that many people on Social Media and Forums were eager to see the paint work in a gloss finish. Well we saw, we listened and we responded! It was clear, given how special this Limited Edition train pack was shaping up to be, that a matt finish was not going to cut it, therefore have a look at the result and as always, be sure to let us know what you think.




En route to Ally Pally

Ally Pally Come see us- TW Cover-web

By the time this blog has reached you, team Hornby, including some of us designers, will be unpacking the van and setting up for The Festival of Railway Modelling at London’s Alexandra Palace. The event is a must for railway modellers in the South and South East, so why not come along and say hello to us? We will have all of our latest prototypes on display including the new HST decoration sample and this is your chance to get up close to what we have shown you here in the blog!

For those that are not able to attend, we will be giving rolling updates from the show and all the behind the scenes action from the Hornby stand over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What would you like to see from the show? Be sure to let us know over on our Social Media channels as well as on our Official Forum. We would love to hear your feedback about anything you’ve seen in this week’s blog as well!

Well that about wraps things up for this week. Be sure to join us again!

Until next time…

Happy Modelling!

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