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The New 2020 Range is in!

The New 2020 Range is in!

This is an exciting year for us at Hornby as we celebrate 100 years since Frank Hornby introduced ‘The Hornby Clockwork Train’ and we have plenty of centenary commemorative products to mark this momentous occasion.

We are extremely proud of our 2020 range and were very excited to be able to finally share it with you on the 6th January 2020.

Our Centenary range includes some fantastic models, each one representative of a decade from Hornby’s history starting with the 1920s all the way through to 2020. Many of these models are provided with a certificate confirming that they are just one of a very limited amount produced. 

Hornby 100 Tinplate Locomotives Limited Edition | Model Railways

Hornby’s four limited edition tinplate locomotives R3814, R3815, R3816, R3817

Within the Centenary range we have four highly collectable limited edition tinplate locomotives, with only 100 of each produced. Alongside these striking locomotives we have some fantastic models that we are sure will prove highly popular within the range, including the newly tooled LMS 6231 ‘Duchess of Atholl’ and the Centenary limited edition Peckett 614 amongst many others. 

Duchess of Atholl LMS 6231 Hornby Dublo | Model Railways

The ‘Duchess of Atholl’ R3819 with box artwork inspired by the original Hornby Dublo packaging of the period.

In addition to our Centenary range we have some excellent new tooling projects added to the 2020 range, including the much loved ‘Hush Hush’ Class W1 locomotives, which have already been wonderfully received.

With the L&MR, Stephenson’s Rocket train Pack, our newly tooled BR, Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train models and the Eurostar ‘Yellow Submarine’ Train Set there is certainly something for everyone this year.

Hornby Model Railways | Stephenson's Rocket

The L&MR, Stephenson's Rocket Train Pack - Era 1 from our 2020 range

While preparing for Hornby’s 100th anniversary celebrations, we wanted to produce something that showcased not only the journey Hornby has been on, but the journey that Hornby has taken people on.

We are very proud to now be able to share ‘A Lifetime’s Journey’ with you!

We hope you have enjoyed our new 2020 range and we look forward to a wonderful centenary year for Hornby.


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